The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Lauren G. AvatarLauren G.

Greg has been amazing at helping our dog Stella. Since she’s come home she’s been much more obedient and much calmer. She seems happier now, as she used to be a very anxious dog. He also helped us with getting Stella acquainted with our new puppy Piper, and now they are inseparable! He sent us frequent videos updating us on Stella’s progress when she was away, and has sent me tutorials on how to keep up her training at home. Thank you Greg for helping Stella and making her a better, socialized, calmer and overall happier dog! - 12/02/2021 

Shelley M. AvatarShelley M.

My husband and I booked 5 private sessions with the Dog Wizard at our home and around our neighborhood to work on our dog Cooper's leash reactivity. Although Cooper did not miraculously become 100% perfect on a leash in five short weeks, he is doing so much better going on walks and following commands, and more importantly, we have the skills we need as owners to continue to work on his walking and to support our dog in having a happier, healthier, more active lifestyle. Overall, this was a really positive experience--the sessions are expensive, and you need to be prepared to work with your dog every single day, but we learned a lot about dog behavior and how to be better dog parents without ever feeling judged or shamed - 11/28/2021 

Brent P. AvatarBrent P.

Greg was great with my dog! He was very reactive before and is now much better. I'm excited to continue his training. - 9/21/2021 

Boilermaker D. AvatarBoilermaker D.

Greg was really awesome to work with! We have a rescue that was nervous and reactive to people and other dogs. He also had issues with leash pulling. We had ten sessions with Greg, some at our home and others at parks or other public spaces like Petco. The progress that we made over the course of a couple of months, with diligent work of our own throughout the week, was remarkable. When we started, we couldn't imagine bringing the dog to a busy public place, let alone inside of Petco! Yet, by the last session we were able to confidently take him there and many other places as well. What's more, we now have people over our home without dealing with the dog behaving like a nightmare. Throughout the process, Greg was patient, kind, and great to work with. - 9/06/2021 

Cindy V. AvatarCindy V.

- 6/30/2021 

Natalie L. AvatarNatalie L.

We had a dog with leash aggression towards other dogs. After a few too many traumatic experiences, we knew we needed help. We didn’t think there was any hope of him being able to be around other dogs again. His anxiety was uncontrollable and he became unpredictable. After finishing the foundations program with Greg, we now have a dog that is able to meet and play with other dogs without incident. It’s like night and day. We love that Greg let us choose the locations and guided us through different situations each week. He gave us great tips and resources to help us maintain the training. He gave us great tips to help correct behavior without increasing our dog’s anxiety. We would 100% recommend the Raleigh Dog Wizard! - 6/02/2021 

Lady D. AvatarLady D.

- 4/01/2021 

Quentin D. AvatarQuentin D.

- 4/01/2021 

Emily W. AvatarEmily W.

My 1 year old golden retriever, Owen, was enrolled in the 14 day program to build his confidence and work on social skills. Greg took great care of him and would call us every week for an update. We were most surprised when Owen came back to us crate trained and very obedient off the leash! Greg also took the time to teach us what we need to do to allow Owen to succeed. We are very thankful for The Dog Wizard Raleigh and all they have done for our pup! - 3/01/2021 

Amelia W. AvatarAmelia W.

Greg has been incredibly helpful with our reactive dog. He was very patient and taught us a number of tools that addressed our dog’s specific needs. He was very flexible and responsive to how our dog reacted to training. I would definitely recommend his training to anyone looking for an engaged and adaptive trainer in the Triangle area! - 2/01/2021 

Meryl H. AvatarMeryl H.

We sent our Cavapoo Enzo to Greg, the Dog Wizard, for two weeks and we are so thrilled with the results! Enzo was 8 months old when we sent him and needed help learning some of the basic commands, not climbing on furniture, and off-leash training. We decided to do the 2nd week for off-leash training and felt he needed extra time away from us since we are home all the time in 2020.We were concerned about Enzo not listening to us when we would say Come and Place. When Enzo came back, he’d 100% improved on these commands. We also saw an overall change in temperament; he seems calmer and more independent. But he also LISTENS to us far better than he did before!Greg gave us updates during the 2 weeks and provided a good understanding of Enzo’s tendencies so we know our pup better and how to best work with him. We understand that it’s not all up to the dog, but we humans require training as well to help Enzo get better and Greg gave us the tools to continue training at home. Greg is such a nice person, just so great to deal with. Enzo loved him too. We definitely got the value for sending Enzo to the Dog Wizard. Thank you so much Greg!! - 1/01/2021 

Andrea F. AvatarAndrea F.

Greg with Raleigh dog wizard did an amazing job. Our dog Millie stayed with him for two weeks and came back with much better manners. She knew the basic commands and other helpful things as well such as waiting to come out fo her kennel, waiting to eat her food and waiting to walk out the door until she was told to. We have decided to get another dog and will be using Raleigh dog wizard again for sure! - 11/01/2020 

Wendy K. AvatarWendy K.

Greg was amazing training our rescue puppy, Tucker. Tucker tends to be shy & timid but he bonded with Greg right away. Greg was extremely patient and caring. In a matter of a few weeks, Tucker knew all the basic commands. I would highly recommend Greg for anyone needing a dog trainer. It was money well spent. - 9/01/2020 

April M. AvatarApril M.

Exactly as described --- "Dog. Wizard."I am writing my review exactly 1-year after the Dog Wizard (Greg Deaton) took our dog Daisy for a week of training at an onsite camp. My dog was sweet but unmanageable. She was easily excitable (I could barely pet her myself because she was so stimulated by any attention I gave her), pulled on her leash for walks, and had to be shut away immediately if any guest entered the home for fear she would jump all over them. The Dog Wizard took Daisy away for the week, sent us regular updates and pictures and returned with a dog who could sit still, receive affection without fear of taking an eye out, could "place" anywhere we asked her to stay, could walk on a leash PERFECTLY, and was manageable when company enters the house. WE WERE SO SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTS.... and 1 -year later.... STILL COMPLETELY SATISFIED with how she can do all of the above!!!!This training works AND it sticks if you continue even MINIMAL follow-up using the commands and following a very easy protocol for how to take walks or "place" when asked to. I will say, Daisy is still very excited when new people come into the house (this is when the stakes are THE highest for her.) BUT with just a couple of reminders, she will go and place until her affection is asked for. She does not have to be shut away for hours. She can calm down and acalamate to the situation with minimal prompting. We could not be more pleased or recommend Greg Deaton more highly. 1-year in the making and this investment has paid for itself time after time. THANK YOU GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 6/01/2020 

Abbey B. AvatarAbbey B.

- 6/01/2020 

Angie F. AvatarAngie F.

- 6/01/2020 

Dillon A. AvatarDillon A.

I can't thank Greg enough for working with my dog Spud for 2 weeks. He left home with obedience troubles, and was a bit embarrassing when it came to walking him in public on a leash. The day he returned from his training, he has been a completely different dog on and off leash, and now obeys commands better than ever. Greg has been extremely thorough when it comes to staying in touch with Spud's practice in home, as well as helpful tips and adjustments that I can try to further improve his behavior around friends and family. It all starts at home with being his owner, staying on top of his daily routines and forever improving the quality of life between me and my fur baby. There's so much more to be said, but to Greg and the support staff of Raleigh Dog Wizard, I thank you so very much. - 6/01/2020 

Samantha P. AvatarSamantha P.

My 4 year old doodle completed the 14 day board and train program to address gentle greetings, loose leash walking, and coming when called. I was SO nervous to send my dog off with someone I didn't know for 14 days but Greg made me feel so comfortable. I know Bennett was well taken care of and loved receiving pictures while he was away. Bennett came back with amazing leash manners! Greg spent time with me to go over all of the new things that Bennett learned so I could follow through with it. The next day I had a new couch delivered and Bennett listened to stay on "place" (his bed) the entire delivery time! I was so impressed! Thanks to Greg for helping give both Bennett and I a tune up on training!!! Highly recommend Raleigh Dog Wizard! - 6/01/2020 

Bev M. AvatarBev M.

Greg was awesome with our little pup. We saw a huge difference and we now have some tools to continue working with him. - 6/01/2020 

Michael H. AvatarMichael H.

His work with our lab/pit mix really changed our lives. Our doggo is happier and looks and listens for queues taught by Greg. With that foundation and continued reinforcement from us, everything from leash behavior and basic commands have really given us a quality of life improvement. I have already recommended Greg and The Dog Wizard to my friends. Give him a call!Thanks Greg!!! - 6/01/2020