AKC puppy training session with a playful Golden Retriever.

Harness the pinnacle of American Kennel Club (AKC) dog training with The Dog Wizard. Whether you’re setting the foundation as a new dog owner or advancing your loyal companion’s skills, our courses guide you into a world where every bark and wag matters. Start your training journey today!

  • Tailored Classes: Every dog enjoys a unique and engaging learning experience.
  • Latest Techniques: We ensure noticeable progress in each session.
  • Begin the Journey: Partner with us for a transformative AKC training experience.

Our Diverse AKC Dog Training Offerings Include:

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program 

Initiate with our S.T.A.R. Puppy program. This foundational course sets the stage for subsequent AKC obedience training. With hands-on sessions, interactive modules, and a focus on real-world scenarios, your pup is poised for growth. Our seasoned trainers provide personalized feedback, ensuring a lasting bond between you and your canine.

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Obedience Training 

Dog with trainer at AKC obedience training classes.

Communication is central to our AKC obedience training. Engage in comprehensive sessions that foster command mastery and mutual respect. Discover techniques tailored to individual dog personalities and glean insights into behavior. Our AKC dog training ensures a seamless progression from novice to expert.

Specialized Training

Crate & Potty Training 

Facilitate seamless routines with our AKC crate training and establish fuss-free AKC potty training habits. We provide holistic support, ensuring your pet’s comfort. With strategies that account for each dog’s unique temperament, training becomes an enjoyable endeavor. The transition from messy missteps to refined routines.

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Scent Work & Agility 

Dog mastering an obstacle in AKC agility training.

Awaken your dog’s instinctual abilities with AKC scent work training. Observe as they discern and react to various scents. Engage their boundless enthusiasm with AKC agility training, prioritizing both physical and mental facets. Our courses blend discipline with enjoyment, fostering a gratifying learning curve.

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Become a Proud AKC Certified Owner

Focused dog during AKC scent work training.

We offer a straightforward AKC training certification process. But it’s more than just a certificate; it’s a testament to your dedication and your dog’s prowess. It showcases commitment, perseverance, and the spirit of excellence. You’ll notice a visible enhancement in your dog’s behavior and skills as you progress from basic AKC puppy training to specialized AKC scent work training. Don’t just aim for a certificate; aim for the pride and recognition that comes with it. At The Dog Wizard, we celebrate every milestone, big or small. Join our AKC training certification program and set your dog on a path of unparalleled excellence.

AKC Canine Good Citizen & Beyond

Earn the prestigious AKC Canine Good Citizen title, a symbol of responsible dog ownership and top-tier training. But don’t stop there. Explore specialized dog training courses designed to challenge and refine your dog’s skills. From navigating urban settings to advanced obedience drills, equip your dog for any scenario. Connect with our experts to chart the ideal training path, using the Canine Good Citizen title as a foundational stepping stone.

All Dog Breeds Are Welcome

Every dog, be it purebred or mixed, deserves recognition. Through our AKC titles, we ensure each dog’s skills and talents are celebrated. Our inclusive approach guarantees equal training opportunities for all. We’re here to support you with pedigree documentation and the AKC registration process. In the AKC training universe, every dog gets its moment to shine. Join us and let your canine companion showcase its prowess and potential!

Why Choose The Dog Wizard?

With a legacy of excellence, The Dog Wizard is your go-to destination for AKC training. Our team of AKC-certified trainers brings expertise, passion, and a love for dogs. Engaging lessons, real-world scenarios, and consistent support make us the preferred choice for many. Let your dog experience the best training and witness the transformation firsthand. In a world where every dog has unique needs, we ensure personalized AKC dog training classes tailored to those needs. Join hands with The Dog Wizard and embark on a transformative journey that promises growth, discipline, and countless joyous moments.

Join the AKC Training Revolution

Step into a realm where training meets passion. Dive deep into specialized courses or set the foundation with AKC puppy training. With The Dog Wizard, the sky’s the limit. Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Sign up now! As you immerse in dog training, the bond between you and your dog strengthens. Experience sessions are about training and building trust, respect, and understanding. Every moment spent in our AKC classes is a step closer to achieving your dog’s fullest potential.