It is disturbing to think about how many dogs end up in shelters or being euthanized every day JUST because of behavioral problems that could be resolved with some amount of training! Every dog deserves the opportunity to be happy and to reach their potential to be loyal companions to loving families. The Dog Wizard would like to help these dogs reach that potential and help their owners to feel empowered and satisfied with our professional and compassionate approach to dog training.

Don’t give up on your dog or give in to their unruly behavior! We can help your pup become the dog you have always wanted…a dog who comes when called and walks happily beside you on walks, a dog who does not jump on your guests, eat your belongings, or terrorize your family. We want you to see just how vast the possibilities are for you and your beloved canine companion. Our goal is to make it easy to do things with your dog, so that you CAN and WILL do more things with your dog (which makes life better for them, too)!

Besides getting to do more with their family, what does your dog get out of all this? A more balanced and productive life with happier owners!! Half of our job is training the dogs, the other half is coaching and teaching you, the owners, so that you can become confident and skilled handlers for your dogs. Are you unsure that our training approach will be a good fit for you in handling your pup’s issues? Not to worry! We offer free evaluations and lifetime support classes… what do you have to lose?

Our Philosophy

There are a multitude of training styles, methods, and philosophies out there, all of which have their pros and cons. Our philosophy is simple. It takes a balanced technique to create a balanced dog. As in any relationship, good communication is essential! Your relationship with your dog is likewise hinged on your ability to understand your dog, and for your dog to understand you. By establishing an effective line of communication between ourselves and our dogs, we are able to change the conversations we have with them. The goal of our training is to create happy and confident dogs who know what we need from them and are happy to be part of an improved “working” relationship with their families.

We also believe that all dogs are designed to be productive and task oriented, or, in other words, they need a “job” in order to feel balanced. By engaging our dogs mentally and teaching them to process information, perform desired behaviors, and use some impulse control, we are able to give them an incredibly valuable outlet to channel their energy into being productive.

Our Dog Trainers

Every member of our Dog Wizard team is extensively trained and experienced in a broad base of training techniques and behavior issues, which allows us to capably address a wide range of training needs. We see each dog as a unique case and work closely with the owners to create a training plan that satisfies each dog’s needs and helps the owners reach their individual goals. We also believe that the success of every dog is linked to the owner’s ability to work effectively with their dog. We specialize in transferring all of our skills to each member of the family as needed, and uphold our commitment to the success of your dog through our lifetime support classes.

Our Formula for Success

Our training is not just about teaching behaviors (Sit, Come, Down), instead, we believe in teaching your dog how to make better choices and how to listen to us instead of their impulses. Of course we teach your dogs all of the basic obedience and commands you will need to communicate with them, but we also teach them how to be engaged and to follow through with these commands even in the most distracting of environments. What good is the “Come” command if it does not work when you need your dog to come because he is running after a squirrel into the path of a car! We believe in refining your dog’s comprehension of obedience so that it becomes a way of life for them, not just a few tricks they can show off when they are in the mood.

Dogs need plenty of physical exercise as well as mental exercise in order to feel balanced and productive. Our “recipe for success” includes adding both of these elements into your dogs daily life. This “recipe” has worked for us with thousands of dogs over the years! You will be amazed at how much happier your dogs will be when they are using their brains! Owners, in turn, feel happier when they have a reliable dog who is fun to be around. Who wouldn’t rather include their dog in their lives instead of having to leave them home or locked away because they are unmanageable? We can help you have the dog you have always wanted who is polite to your guests, can be calm in a hectic environment, and knows that with obedience comes more freedom!