What is Basic Obedience Training for Dogs

It’s frustrating dealing with behavior problems that try your patience and cost you more and more money all the time! Whether your dog is destroying your belongings, not listening to basic commands, struggling with socialization, aggression, anxiety, or is a rescue trying to learn the way of their new world, our professional dog trainers can help!

All owners communicate with their dogs every day, but that doesn’t mean they’re always understood. Humans can unintentionally give mixed signals which can set a dog up for confusion and can seem like they’re choosing not to pay attention. All of these problem behaviors and miscommunication can be managed or completely eliminated through our training process.

We want to give you back a loveable pet who makes you smile all the time.

Obedience Programs

Contact your local location for specific program availability

  • Puppy Programs

    Raise your puppy right! Prevent problems from starting and enroll in our Puppy Program today!

  • Board & Training

    Don’t have time to get your dog on the right track? Let us get you Jumpstarted today!

  • Group Training

    Group Classes are enriching for you and your dog, spend time building a relationship together today!

  • Private Lessons

    Sometimes we need some one-on-one time to reach our goals. Let us help you achieve them today!

  • AKC Training

    Take your training to the next level by earning Titles and Certifications from the AKC with our AKC Certified Training Team!

  • Day Training

    This unique program combines private training throughout the day with our trainer while they work to lay the foundation of learning.

  • Specialty Classes

    All breeds are welcome to join in on the fun! We offer beginner and intermediate specialty classes every month.

  • Lifetime Support

    We are here to support you and our promise to our graduates is lifetime support through our Support Class.