Older dogs learn how to do the sit command during a training lesson

Every dog owner dreams of a well-mannered and obedient pet. Dive into the world of obedience training lessons and discover how they can transform your dog’s behavior and strengthen the bond you share with your furry friend.

What Is Basic Obedience Training for Dogs?

Adopting a pet means dreaming of a well-behaved companion. Ever wondered why some dogs are more disciplined? Effective obedience training is often the answer. That expectation makes it frustrating to deal with behavior problems that try your patience and cost you more and more money. Dog training will help improve your dog’s behavior. Whether your dog is destroying your belongings, isn’t listening to basic commands, is struggling with socialization, aggression or anxiety or is a rescue trying to learn the way of their new world, a certified professional dog trainer from The Dog Wizard can help. We offer both private dog lessons and dog group classes for pets, and we help your dog learn the basics for a lifetime of good behavior.

The Importance of Clear Communication

Though owners communicate with their dogs every day, they’re not always understood. You may unintentionally give mixed signals and misunderstand your dog’s body language, which can confuse the dog and give the impression it’s ignoring you. Our dog training process helps owners and their pets overcome miscommunication and avoid problem behaviors. When you choose dog training classes from The Dog Wizard, our goal is to develop a lovable pet that makes you smile all the time.

What Does Obedience Training Do for a Dog?

A professional dog trainer teaches basic training cues to a dog

Primarily, obedience training bolsters your canine’s confidence — no matter if you have a new puppy or an older dog. A dog training instructor from our company utilizes positive reinforcement training methods to reward desired actions instead of punishing dog behavioral problems. This can improve the dog’s mental outlook and help you bond with your pet. Likewise, the confidence provided by dog training courses at The Dog Wizard typically improves dogs’ interactions and sociability with other pets to ensure smooth integration into mixed households.

What Does Dog Obedience Training Teach?

Dog obedience training sessions at The Dog Wizard encompass essential commands — come, sit, place, down and off. Did you know that these simple commands can transform your dog’s behavior? Alongside these five commands, our dog trainers also teach loose leash walking so you can better control your pet in public. Socialization training sessions assist with integrating a new puppy or adult dog into homes with other pets or children. Potty training and crate training techniques teach your dog good habits that last a lifetime and facilitate a happy home life. We also teach problem-solving skills that prevent behavior issues like jumping, barking and play biting.

Excellence in Canine Training: What Sets It Apart?

High-quality training sessions emphasize essential cues while addressing the unique behaviors of each dog. Remember, every dog is unique. Each dog has its own challenges, but many dog owners expect their pets to act like others they’ve owned in the past. Your professional trainer from The Dog Wizard helps both you and your pet by teaching you how to get your dog’s attention, learn your dog’s body language and provide basic obedience commands that set clear expectations. Depending on your dog’s needs, you can choose private lessons or group classes, and we also board and train dogs and puppies to jump-start your dog training.

Tackling Common Canine Challenges: What’s Covered?

When you choose to train your dog, you help your dog understand what you expect from it. No matter if you select puppy training or options for older pets, our dog training professionals help resolve a wide range of issues that may be interfering with your canine living its best life. Some problems our trainers address to help create healthy canines include issues with dog separation anxiety, mental stimulation, and behavioral problems. We offer lifetime dog training and tips after your training lessons end to help you maintain your pet’s positive behavior going forward.

What Other Dog Training Lessons Does The Dog Wizard Offer?

Beyond standard obedience training, The Dog Wizard provides specialized courses to further hone your dog’s skills. Our specialty dog training programs include preparatory courses for therapy dogs and those in homes about to welcome new babies, as well as agility and scent training options. We also provide American Kennel Club training classes for the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, AKC Good Citizen and AKC Good Citizen+ programs.

A proud dog owner sits beside her well-trained canine. Their bond, strengthened through successful obedience training, showcases the essence of responsible dog ownership

Why Opt for The Dog Wizard’s Training Lessons?

Instilling good habits in your dog ensures both young and old pets integrate seamlessly into your home for a peaceful environment where everyone is calm and happy. At The Dog Wizard, our mission is to use the best method to train dogs and help owners bond with their pets. A key part of this is to send each pup home a well-trained dog that listens to its pet parent, whether inside the home, on a walk or at the dog park with other pets. Our dog trainer staff care about each puppy and dog they obedience train and work hard to provide the positive reinforcement necessary to make most dogs healthy and happy.

If you’re facing behavioral challenges, need foundational training, or want a seamless introduction for your new puppy, The Dog Wizard can help you train your dog the right way. Our dog training services, whether obedience training or specialty classes, use positive reinforcement-like treats to boost your dog’s confidence and help it become a good canine citizen in any situation. To learn more about how we can help your pet live its best life and start dog obedience training, call The Dog Wizard today at (877) 585-9727.

Obedience Programs

Contact your local location for specific program availability

  • Lifetime Support

    It’s one thing for your dog to learn new skills. It’s another for your dog to retain those skills for years. At The Dog Wizard, we offer lifetime support as part of our training programs. After your dog graduates, you can continue to bring it in for weekly group classes. These sessions offer a chance to reinforce skills, make new friends and strengthen the unique bond between the pet and pet parent.

  • Dog with an ear perked up listening to a dog trainer's instructions

    Dog Day Training

    Finding time to train your dog can be difficult. If you’re too busy during the day, you might benefit from The Dog Wizard Day Training program. Throughout the day, your pet will work with a trainer to improve behavior. Between day schools, you’ll enjoy a private lesson in the comfort of your own home. Depending on your and your dog’s needs, you may choose between 6-day and 15-day programs.

  • Brown puppy concept image for puppy training programs

    Puppy Training Programs

    There’s no doubt puppies are full of energy. While this playfulness provides plenty of entertainment, it can also lead to behavioral problems. From chewing furniture to play biting, there are all sorts of mischief for young puppies to get into. That’s why we offer comprehensive puppy training. These lessons teach puppies essential skills (such as obedience commands, leash walking and socialization), helping ensure they grow into well-behaved adults.

  • Golden retreiver in a board and train dog training program

    Board and Train Dog Training

    Do you want to enroll your dog in training classes but don’t have time to attend? We’ve got you covered. At The Dog Wizard, we offer board and train programs at various program lengths of stay: 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. During the program, your pet will stay with us full-time and learn directly from our dedicated, professional trainers.

  • Two dogs in group training

    Group Dog Training Classes

    Are you interested in group training for your dog? We offer group dog training classes that cover everything your dog needs to know, from obedience commands to housebreaking. In addition to learning new skills, it’ll have a chance to socialize with fellow canines. Our programs include puppy classes for dogs up to 5 months of age, as well as foundation classes for small groups of five to seven.

  • Aussie dog in a private dog training lesson

    Private Dog Training Lessons

    Does your dog need one-on-one training support? The Dog Wizard has you covered with our personalized, private dog training sessions. First, our professional trainers will get to know your pet’s unique habits. Then, they’ll design a training plan that meets their precise needs. These lessons may take place at your home or our facility — wherever you and your dog feel most comfortable.

  • Poodle dog with a pink bow

    Specialty Dog Training

    Are you looking for a unique experience for your dog? We offer four specialty classes: agility (for high-energy dogs), scent (for improving scent detection), therapy prep (for therapy work) and baby prep classes (for new parents). Classes are open to all breeds and are available at both beginner and intermediate levels.

  • Smiling dog after a training session

    American Kennel Club (AKC) Training

    The Dog Wizard is pleased to share that our puppy program is also an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program. This means that, after passing the program, your dog will be eligible to test for the AKC S.T.A.R. certificate. In addition to receiving certification, you and your puppy will be registered in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy records and receive a display medal.