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There are many reasons to start your own dog training franchise, but the primary reason for many is their love of dogs – and a desire to do something rewarding: helping people and animals. And the pet industry, and dog ownership specifically, is booming, which affords you the opportunity to make a good money while doing something you love.

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Why Start Your Dog Training Franchise With Us?

Owning your own business may seem like a daunting goal, but if you’ve got a strong work ethic, then becoming a Dog Wizard dog training franchise partner could be a career that provides economic growth and independence, while giving you immense personal satisfaction by helping dogs and their owners become better companions.

We get that you need a solid foundation from which to grow. And we are here every step of the way from the very beginning, through your launch, and as you gain momentum. Candidly, the upside opportunity is completely up to you and how aggressive you want to be in building your business. We have the tools. All you need to do is use them – and build the kind of business and lifestyle you want.

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      Your Investment

      The total investment to begin operation of a Dog Wizard business is estimated to range between $73,350 and $101,500.

      The Initial Franchise Fee for a single THE DOG WIZARD franchised business is $50,000.

      This includes a Protected Territory defined by a 300,000 person population. If you want to enlarge your Territory, we have various easy ways to do so.

      The point is that within that sized population, and given 60% of households on average own a at least one dog, there are plenty of dogs that need to be trained every year.

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      Our Three Tiered Approach

      We offer several ways that our franchise partners can get into The Dog Wizard business

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes! First off, nearly 60% of households in the US own at least one dog. And, Americans spent approximately $100 billion on their pets in 2020 with nearly $11 billion on services like training. A lot of this is being driven by millennials who are spending more money on their pets than any previous generation. So yes, this is indeed a dynamic market with continued upward growth.

      The benefit of joining The Dog Wizard as a franchise partner is that you do not need to be an expert in training dogs. You will learn everything necessary about dog training from our expert trainers at the Dog Wizard Academy. The Academy is a 10,000 square-foot flagship facility in Cincinnati Ohio. You will learn basic obedience training, on and off-leash training, health and safety, and overnight boarding best practices. Additionally, if you are the owner/operator, we will teach you core business operations.  Once you’ve successfully graduated, you’re certified and ready to become a Dog Wizard trainer!

      Many people assume the cost of setting up their own business is beyond their means. However, with a start-up cost of an estimated $73,000 to $215,000, that goal of owning your own business is very much within reach. 

      If you’ve got a solid credit score there are several options available to secure financing and spread-out the cost of the franchise fee among other initial expenses.

      Once you’ve been certified as a Dog Wizard balanced trainer, you won’t need to spend a huge amount of your budget on labor costs. Many of our franchise owners run successful training services, but hire other Dog Wizard certified trainers over time to meet demand.

      Our dog training franchises are successful because we understand dogs and dog owners. After 16 years of dog training expertise, we understand that dogs want to please their owners and respond best to positive reinforcement, while dog owners want to feel loved and listened to by their pets. Once we’ve helped you master the principles of balanced dog training, you’ll be able to manage your business with the ease and joy that we do.

      Your success as a franchise partner is critical to our success as a Company.  We need you – and all other franchisees – to grow and prosper. Therefore, we are diligent in on-boarding you to learn how to effectively manage the business. As an example, we help develop and launch your local marketing and social media efforts to generate leads for your business, guide you through the set-up and training of our CRM, assist in ordering equipment and supplies, and many other critical things in our checklist to ensure you build the proper foundation for growth.

      Franchisee Testimonials

      Scott Templeton

      The Dog Wizard Ashland
      “Buying a Dog Wizard training franchise to bolt onto an existing pet services business is a very profitable way to grow sales and overall value.”

      Justin Hall

      The Dog Wizard Atlanta

      “I am certain that my knowledge and skills developed in my time during the Dog Wizard training program helped me rise above the competition here in Atlanta and become very successful in just a few months.”

      Robert Bradshaw

      The Dog Wizard Durham

      “The work is both personally and financially rewarding, and I now have the flexibility to set my schedule to suit the needs in other areas of my life. Thanks to The Dog Wizard for making this possible.”

      Gretchen Hollifield
      Gretchen Hollifield
      Founder & Chief Customer Officer
      Grant Reeves
      Grant Reeves
      Chief Financial Officer
      Jason Watson
      Jason Watson
      SVP Sales & Business Development
      Noelle Woodhead
      Noelle Woodhead
      VP Operations
      Katie Chasen
      Katie Chasen
      Sales Associate
      Kassia Whittaker
      Kassia Whittaker
      Director Customer Service

      Become a Dog Wizard… Today!

      If you are interested in becoming a “Dog Wizard” and owning a Dog Wizard franchise, please complete this quick form and let’s talk. The purpose of this form is to gather general information. Of course, this does not commit you in any way to anything. Should you meet our baseline qualifications and a mutual interest develops, we will request additional information.

      Thank again for your interest, and we look forward to being in contact soon!

      If you would like to apply for a job with The Dog Wizard, please visit our academy page.