We are very proud of the reputation we have built as a professional, balanced dog training company and we’re excited to share our philosophies with you. We are not like many of the other companies you may currently be researching, so I encourage you to do your homework on all of your options so you have a clear understanding of how we’re much different. We’re as invested in you and your success as a franchise owner as we are to our training methodologies and the wonderful results we provide to our customers.

Ownership Advantages

Owning your own Dog Wizard franchise means taking control over your future, and living out your passion with the help of our dedicated staff and national trainer network. We’re committed to your success both as a business owner, and as a balanced dog trainer. We understand that taking that step towards owning your own business can be both exhilarating and sometimes scary at the same time. With that in mind, we have created a tried and true onboarding process that takes that stress out of the equation and allows you to focus on growing your business. Here are just a few advantages of owning a franchise with The Dog Wizard ®.

  • You OWN your business, NOT license it. That means this is truly your company with which to flourish and grow and we’re here to help support that growth.
  • Corporate support for national social media, and YouTube channels. We have dedicated professionals to keep our content current, dynamic, and highly visible to support lead generation and customer confidence.
  • Enterprise level backend software to support Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and dynamic marketing to your highly sought after target audience.
  • Access to our fully staffed corporate office that can answer and field your inbound calls from customers, providing professional scheduling services for your appointments, sales assistance and CRM support for your growing pack of clients.
  • Access to one of the nation’s largest independent trainer networks for on-demand support, sharing of best practices, and annual training Summits featuring some of the nation’s foremost experts in all aspects of K9 training, theory, and practical application.

Contact us today to learn all the advantages of owning your Dog Wizard Franchise. It’s not magic, it’s dog training done right.

Preparing Your Business

“Watch the magic happen”

Once you’ve officially signed up to become a Wizard is when the magic really happens. Our team is just as committed to making you a successful business owner as we are dedicated to making you an outstanding dog trainer. Our process begins on day one, which includes building your online and social presence with your customized website, phone numbers, and social media accounts. While you focus on learning our training methodologies and techniques, our professional staff will be assisting with the implementation of the following items so you can hit the ground running once you’ve completed your training.

We’ll Address:

  • Outlining your business structure, banking, and insurance needs
  • Building out your online presence including website, SEO, Social Media, & Google my business profiles
  • Ordering all necessary sales and marketing collateral
  • Ordering your necessary training equipment
  • Training you on our exclusive CRM backend scheduling & billing system
  • Most importantly, guidance on booking that first client!


Online & Hands-On Teaching

We do not just talk about dogs and their behavioral problems. Becoming a dog trainer means that you will have to see first hand, and work directly with dogs that are experiencing these problems. We feel that hands on training is important to become a dog trainer that operates confidently, independently, and reliably. But first you will complete our extensive on-line training which you can do at your own pace.

Working with Actual Clients

We truly believe that training and teaching dogs is the easiest part of the job. The difficulties lie in teaching the owners how to handle their dogs. Since the training programs are only successful if it works for the owner too, possessing this ability is vital. We spend a lot of time making sure you have the skills necessary to help the owners as well as the dogs. You will work with numerous breeds, problems, and clients. You will get to practice everything you will do in your own business and get really good at it!

Training Programs

You will learn to teach many different classes such as scent class, baby prep, grooming socialization, etc. These additional classes will allow you to offer a full list of menu items, which will in return, provide several additional revenue streams other than just obedience. Not only does this offer more revenue streams to your clients, but the level of expertise you present to your potential clients is much more appealing from the start.


Implementing successful marketing strategies is the key to getting your name out there and being found by prospective customers. Our corporate marketing team incorporates graphic design, public relations, search engine optimization and other proven techniques that have been successfully implemented by our extensive trainer network. While you focus on becoming the best dog trainer you can be, we’ll use our extensive toolkit to make sure your community knows you’re there to solve their canine’s problems. A sampling of our marketing collateral includes:

Available Marketing

  • Aggression Brochure
  • Separation Anxiety Brochure
  • Problem Solving Brochure
  • Puppy Class Flyer
  • Scent Class Flyer
  • Tricks Class Flyer
  • Baby Prep Class Flyer
  • Agility Class Flyer
  • General Info Flyer
  • Grooming Socialization Class Flyer
  • Vet Socialization Class Flyer
  • Business Banner
  • Future is Bright Banner
  • Listen Up Full Page Flyer
  • Seeing is Believing Full Page Flyer
  • Most Unruly Dog Contest
  • On the Go Full Page Flyer
  • Administrative Documents
  • Puppy Class Booklet
  • Training Booklet for clients
  • Baby Prep Class Booklet for clients
  • Halloween Ad
  • Thanksgiving Ad
  • Christmas Ad

Growing Your Business

Owning your own Dog Wizard franchise means your potential for growth and success is whatever you choose it to be. As a sole proprietor, investor, or an area developer, we have the systems and processes in place to ensure your resources and support grow as you do. There is no singular way to develop a prospering franchise, which is why we employ scalable methodologies and technology platforms that can grow with your expanding business and needs. These include:

  • Best practices and templates for new employee recruitment
  • Quick book integration and support
  • Skill assessments, training, and continued education

And so much more