Do you offer in-house financing?2020-07-03T13:43:19-04:00

Yes, we put our money where our mouth is and do offer in-house financing to qualified candidates.

What is the royalty structure for The Dog Wizard?2020-07-03T13:42:56-04:00

We have a 10% royalty structure which is common amongst franchises that offer a lot of support, software, etc. Unique to The Dog Wizard is those fees include a Central Office Team for full-time scheduling for your location for one trainer that is valued over $2000 a month. There is a lot more to learn about what is included in your support for your royalty payments, so please reach out because we love to talk about all we provide!

How am I supported once I am a franchisee?2020-07-03T13:41:46-04:00

We pride ourselves in the support we give, not just during your start up process, but until you build the empire you desire.  We are working hard every day to offer more and more support opportunities to make your franchise as successful as it can be.

Can I talk to existing Franchisees before buying a franchisee?2020-07-03T13:40:55-04:00

Absolutely!  Once we know more about you, we can set you with to chat with several franchisees that are similar in experience level, geographical location, etc.

Where does training take place?2020-07-03T13:40:31-04:00

We have an online portion that take place online, and an in-person portion that takes place at one of our Lead Certification Trainer (LCT) locations.  We will match you with the LCT location that best suites the learning path we designate for you.

How long is the training process?2020-07-03T13:39:40-04:00

The length of the training does depend on how much experience you have coming in.  We have some owners that have joined our team with years of extensive training prior, so their learning path will be different than a new person with little to no prior experience. Regardless of your experience you will receive extensive training on our systems, strategies, business and culture. To find out more about our training process get in touch with our sales team.

Do I need to be the day to day dog trainer to own a Dog Wizard franchise, or can I be an investor/owner with trainers I hire?2020-07-03T13:37:43-04:00

No. We have several franchise owners that are not the day to day trainers.  These owners/investors have hired trainers that are trained within our systems to do the day to day training operations.  This is a supported model within our system designed and built to operate with ease. The trainers you hire will have to go through our entire training program and be approved to operate by one of our Lead Trainer Certification Teams.


How am I trained to be a dog trainer?2020-07-03T13:36:58-04:00

We have an extensive training process that involves online learning, business coaching, hands ON learning, and continuing learning opportunities, all which fall under our proprietary Training Badge verification program.

Do I need a commercial building to own a Dog Wizard franchise?2020-07-03T13:36:18-04:00

No, the majority of our franchisees are mobile operations.  We also do have several franchisees that do have commercial buildings.  Both models have proven successful.

Do I need to have previous dog training experience to own a Dog Wizard franchise?2020-07-03T16:01:28-04:00

No!  In fact a lot of our locations are owned and operated by people who have transitioned from a wide variety of business experience but have a passion for dogs.  We have current franchisees that had no previous canine training experience what so ever prior to owning their franchise, and have become both passionate and knowledgeable in our training methodolgy.

What territories are available?2020-07-03T13:13:30-04:00

Check out our current active locations here. The actual territory sizes vary depending on population density.  The best way to learn what areas are available is talking with our sales team.

Do you offer continuing learning opportunities?2020-07-03T13:46:19-04:00

Yes! Dog training is forever evolving and changing, and we take pride in our ability and eagerness as a brand to focus on our continuing education and approach to learn and be on the forefront of that knowledge.  We offer yearly a conference, and there are ongoing learning opportunities within our specialty badge program.