It can be very overwhelming or even frustrating, trying to handle behavior problems.

Dogs’ and puppies’ behaviors can test your patience and cost you tons of money over time! Maybe your dog is chewing your shoes, furniture, drywall (destroying your personal belongings). They could be running away the second the door stays open too long. Maybe they have anxiety when you leave them at home when you go to work, or are having issues interacting with other dogs or even people. It could be that you just brought home a newly rescued pup from a doggy orphanage, and you guys are figuring out the lay of the land. We can help with all of these things and more!

Pet parents communicate with their dogs every single day, but that doesn’t always mean that their dogs and puppies clearly understand what it is they are telling them. It also doesn’t mean that they know what their dogs are telling them, either. As humans, we can accidentally give our dogs mixed signals that will, in turn, confuse our dogs and the way we interact with them going forward. More often then not, this is interpreted as our pups not listening to us, ignoring us, or being stubborn. Owners misguidedly think their dogs are choosing not to pay attention to them. Let us help you manage or eliminate these problem behaviors and miscommunications by educating you and your pup!

  • Dog with an ear perked up listening to a dog trainer's instructions

    Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety is a common issue for dogs, and many dogs who experience it develop behavior problems.

  • Two dogs in group training

    Dog Aggression Training

    An uncomfortable dog usually responds with intimidating or threatening behavior as a way of warning others to back off.

  • Black and brown dog looking at camera

    Rescue Rehab

    Rescue dogs often have completely unknown background that may have made them develop behavioral problems.

  • Aussie dog in a private dog training lesson


    Socialization is the process of teaching your dog how to live and be comfortable in the human world.

  • Poodle dog with a pink bow

    Problem Solving

    Problem-solving for owners means behavioral modification for dogs, whether it’s barking, chewing, jumping, or digging

  • Brown puppy in puppy training class

    Raising Your Puppy

    Puppies fill our lives with joy and laughter, but without the right guidance, your pet can develop behavior problems.