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If you are researching this becoming a dog trainer, then you might be considering a career change.  Maybe you’re stuck behind a desk? Maybe you long for something you are more passionate about? Maybe you fear not making enough money? Maybe you are looking for something that gives you the ability to build a business of your own one day and better control your future?

Regardless of the reason, if you love dogs, we want to talk with you.  Many of our franchise owners started as dog trainers at one of our locations and worked their way to own their own Dog Wizard training business.  Starting out as a trainer gives you the ability to go at your own pace while gaining experience in the business. 

We get it. Making a career change can be scary, but rest assured, the dog training industry is STRONG and getting even STRONGER!  Suburban living with small yards, high-rise condos, leash laws, long working hours, are all the perfect storm for dog owners needing a professional dog trainer.  Not to mention, the latest pandemic has forced an emphasis on spending more time at home and outside which has served to significantly increase dog ownership across the country and world.

As a result, your local shelter may have become empty for the first time.  Dog breeders have long waiting lists to purchase their pups.  Many of these people are first-time dog owners who are seeking a professional trainer to help immediately.  Others may try on their own but run into problems as the dog ages out of adolescence and forms habits.  Our already strong industry has boomed like a rocket and many of our franchisees have more business than they can handle.  What does all this mean? There may not be a better time to become a dog trainer!

Why Becoming a Dog Trainer at The Dog Wizard is a Great Career Choice

You may be hesitant simply because you don’t know where to begin the process of becoming a professional dog trainer. Becoming a successful dog trainer requires investing money and gaining the education and knowledge you might lack. The Dog Wizard offers formal education to aspiring dog trainers and helps find positions for them within our current Dog Wizard franchisee network once their training is completed. After successfully finishing your courses, you can begin work right away in a field where you’re excited and passionate.   

Rather than graduating from a dog training school and navigating the industry on your own, by remaining a part of our amazing Dog Wizard network, you will perfect your training skills while continuing to learn from our seasoned trainers. 

Professional dog trainers with certifications are much more successful. When you complete your dog training course with The Dog Wizard, you also receive a dog training certification that shows you’re qualified to handle a variety of dog behavior concerns and have a balanced approach to training dogs.

Our franchisees will become mentors and help pave the right path for your future.  Some of our graduates have happily remained a trainer with their Dog Wizard franchisee for years. And as mentioned, other dog trainers moved to own their own Dog Wizard franchise. 

Regardless of your dream, we have the passion to help you achieve it.  All you need is passion, work ethic, desire, and integrity, and we will help you get there.

Meet Our Instructors

Jess Young

Virtual Instructor

Kat Karlish

Virtual Instructor

Krissy Spero

Virtual Instructor

The Program

The Dog Wizard training program consists of hybrid courses. You’re able to study and complete work online on your schedule before you arrive for in-person training. The online portion of your courses prepares you in advance so that when you arrive at our dog training academy, you can apply everything learned during the on-site sessions.

Accomplished dog trainers with professional certifications are much more apt to be successful. When you complete your dog training course with The Dog Wizard, you receive a Dog Wizard certification that shows you’re qualified to handle a variety of behavioral concerns, and have a balanced approach to training dogs. The Dog Wizard team stands ready to help you find a job at one of our many and growing locations.

Working for The Dog Wizard creates future opportunities because you can learn the in’s and out’s of running a dog training business as you’re working and earning money. We offer the ability to work your way into owning a franchise at your own pace – if that’s your desire.

Here’s What You Need to Do…

Foundation Wizard Training Course $6200: Your online learning consists of 25 hours of coursework, then 18 hours of virtual training courses with a trainer. Once these are completed, you will participate in 18 days of hands-on training at an approved location.

Advanced Wizard Training Course $10,200: This advanced course includes all the
coursework provided in the Foundation Wizard Training Course plus training with more advanced techniques and tools and a deeper dive into dog behavioral problems. There will be 40 hours of online coursework and 40 hours of virtual training with a trainer. The final step will be 18 days of hands-on training at an approved location.

Earn your Dog Wizard training certification: At the end of your course, you’re able to complete the certification required to become a dog trainer at one of our locations.

** You’re required to coordinate your own transportation, room, and board for your in-person training. There may be a location near you that is eligible for your in-person instruction.

Course Curriculum

  • Intro to The Dog Wizard
  • Health, Safety, & Nutrition
  • Foundation of Dog Training
  • Training Tools
  • Body Language, Communication, & Personality
  • Minor Behavior Modification
  • Exercise & Socialization
  • Puppy Training
  • Onleash Training
  • Alternative Training Techniques
  • Off Leash Training
  • E-Collar Training
  • Kennel and Boarding
  • Moderate-to-Severe Behavior Modification
  • Proven Sales Process and Additional Revenue
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Service

Your Career as a Wizard

Fast & Easy


Our enrollment process starts with a conversation.  Let’s talk about what your goals are for dog training.  We can help pave the path towards becoming a lead trainer or a dog training business ownership.  We want your experience with us to be personal and fulfilling.  Once we understand your objectives, our enrollment team will guide you through the monetary portion including financing (if needed), logging into our online training portal, leading to the all-intensive hands-on portion of your training.  There should never be a time where you feel lost, we will be there to help you achieve your dreams, and that starts with our enrollment team.

Online & In-person


We the best dog training program in the business, and we strive to deliver our hand-on curriculum with the least amount of time away from your home base. We understand many new students are changing careers while chasing their dreams.

Our curriculum starts with an online learning portal consisting of videos, written text, quizzes, essays, and practical-application video submissions. Our online learning portal is the epitome of preparation.

When our students arrive at an approved Dog Wizard Academy location for the hands-on portion of their training, they hit the ground running. The hands-on training time is 18 days of fast-paced, live application learning. The hands-on training is where the magic happens, and theories and techniques come together. We love watching new trainers’ eyes light up as the concepts come together!


Job Placement

As a graduate of the Dog Wizard Academy, you immediately become a candidate for a dog training job within the Dog Wizard network. The dog training business is growing rapidly. Many of our franchisees are in constant need of additional, Dog Wizard certified trainers to join their team. It is also a major plus for our franchisees to hire a trainer who has already invested in themselves and their education. The job opportunities vary depending on which franchisees are ready for an additional trainer at the time, but if you are open to various geographical locations, it is rare that there isn’t an opportunity waiting upon graduation.

Unmatched Support

Future Ownership

We want every Dog Wizard trainer to see a clear path forward to their dream career.  We’ve had multiple individuals start as kennel techs and trainers, working their way up to be successful franchise owners.  Honestly, nothing makes up happier than to watch someone visualize a goal, put the work in, and achieve their goal.  Our system will help teach you in every aspect of running a successful Dog Wizard training business.

Join us!

Please Note: The Dog Wizard Academy was specifically engineered to train and equip future Dog Wizard dog trainers. At this time, the Academy is enrolling students to either open or work within one of our dog training franchises. We require that all attendees sign a Confidentiality Agreement protecting our instruction and related methods prior to matriculation.

Schedule a Career Planning Session

The Dog Wizard is an established dog training company that offers you all the tools needed to begin your career as a dog trainer. Certified dog trainers are in high demand at the moment, and you can typically find a job quickly after you complete our course. If you’re an aspiring dog trainer who wants to own your own dog training business one day, completing our training program allows you to get your start without prior experience running a business and without the significant capital investment needed to open your own location. 

Learn more about The Dog Wizard’s dog training school and how to become a certified dog trainer today. Fill out the form below to find out how to enroll in our professional training programs.