The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Jennifer L. AvatarJennifer L.

We highly recommend the Dog Wizard of Fredericksburg for obedience training of large breed dogs. Our 80 lb puppy was pulling on the leash; jumping on visitors and would not come when called. We are very pleased with our puppy’s immediate progress and have not seen any other local programs that offer graduate support free classes to reinforce the training long after the paid program ends. You can tell they truly love working with the dogs! Give Karen a call. We highly recommend this program. - 5/02/2021 

Patricia M. AvatarPatricia M.

The Dog Wizard and its staff are all very caring. Our trainer took our dogs behaviors toward each other, and worked with us to ensure the best training. I liked that the trainer came to our home to see what was going on, and how we dealt with our dogs in their own environment, I dont think the dogs would have shown some of their behaviors had we gone to the trainer somewhere. The trainer was very willing to work with our schedule, and when weather caused issues, or we had something urgent come up, rescheduling was very easy, and accommodated. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the ongoing support group to reinforce our training, and socialization for our dogs. - 5/02/2021 

Richard L. AvatarRichard L.

In mid-2020, we enrolled our two dogs in basic obedience training classes presented by Karen Meadows, proprietor of The Dog Wizard of Fredericksburg, Virginia. At the time of enrollment, our older dog was a five-year-old ten-pound female Mixed Miniature Pinscher/Pomeranian, and our new puppy was a four-month-old ten-pound male Mixed American Eskimo/Pomeranian. The older one was enrolled in Karen’s basic two-week training and socialization course for adult dogs, and our puppy was enrolled in her two-week “Puppy Jump-Start” course.The older female entered her course as a sweet, but reclusive and often stubborn little dog who would bark uncontrollably if she saw or heard anything or anyone invading what she considered her territory (that is anything within sight or earshot of our home), but was intimidated if she encountered other dogs or people outdoors. She also had a dangerous tendency to pick up and swallow foreign objects, particularly gravel and tree-nuts, sometimes resulting in a visit to the veterinarian. Consequently, we had to muzzle her whenever we took her outside in order to keep her safe from internal injury. She returned from her two weeks of training and socialization as a confident, well-mannered, obedient --- and still sweet – little dog who no longer has to wear a muzzle when outdoors for fear of her ingesting potentially dangerous objects and whose barking was brought under significantly better control.Our new male puppy, on the other hand, was a real high-energy challenge! Unlike any other puppy we have ever owned, he was almost impossible for us to control. However, thanks to Karen’s two-week “Puppy Jump-Start” course (sort of like military school for unruly little boys), we were provided the tools and techniques to help him channel his energy and intelligence in more constructive directions. Now, at 16 months old and a joyful, remarkably obedient, well-toned 18 pounds, he is a fully integrated member of our family, and has become a cherished companion and playmate for our older dog.Bottom line – we are totally pleased and satisfied with what Karen Meadows has accomplished for both of our dogs, and would unconditionally recommend The Dog Wizard of Fredericksburg to any dog owner seeking assistance with dog training and/or correction of canine behavioral issues. - 5/02/2021 

Kelly W. AvatarKelly W.

The dog wizard of fredericksburg is the best,I have recommend them to others I had a great experience with Karen and my dog jenny just loves her.i highly recommend the dog wizard of fredericksburg. - 5/02/2021 

Michael B. AvatarMichael B.

We entrusted our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to Karen Meadows for basic puppy training. Her training facility was her home, complete with wide-open spaces and a huge fenced-in area. Her home (where my dog spent her nights) was spotless; and the outside training areas were clean and free of any danger. Karen sent us videos regularly and responded to every call. Our only concern over the three-week training period was not getting our puppy back, she loves to snuggle and cuddle and was just a little to comfortable in the Meadows' care :) It gave us great relief knowing our dog was being taken care of so well. No angst care and training with Karen Meadows! - 5/02/2021 

MaryAnne AvatarMaryAnne

We were referred to Karen and The Dog Wizard through our Veterinarian. We had just welcomed into our home two chocolate lab puppies. I might be biased, but they are the best dogs in the world. They did, however, need some basic training. We opted for the board and train option and Karen was terrific with them! They learned simple commands and learned to walk off leash. What a difference! Karen was patient, professional (with both the pups and us) and is genuinely a dog lover as well as trainer ! - 5/02/2021 

Randy C. AvatarRandy C.

I left my two dogs with DWF last summer while we went to the beach for a 2 week QuickStart. One was 3 yo and the other 1.5 yo. I couldn't believe how obedient they were when we picked them up. For the first time they actually sat and stayed when told. Better yet, the training has stuck with them. During their stay, they took them out in public to stores and downtown and they stayed sitting and calm while people were all around them. That has stuck and it's made taking them out to stores with us a pleasant experience.They loved their time there and had a blast playing with the other dogs and the horses. In addition to the training, they had lots of running and swimming.I've recommended DWF on other venues as well as privately to friends. I can't say enough good things about this service. - 5/02/2021 

pa d. Avatarpa d.

My puppy did not follow any instructions, pulled on the lead and was not potty trained. She spent 2 weeks with Karen and came home a well behaved, potty trained puppy who could walk down the street without pulling. Cannot say enough great things about Karen and her ability to work with dogs and their humans to create harmony and happiness on both sides! - 5/02/2021 

Marcella B. AvatarMarcella B.

Karen is amazing and so patient! I would highly recommend her services. - 5/02/2021 

Devon B. AvatarDevon B.

I cannot give Karen enough stars!! I came to Karen through a referral of my good friend who worked at the dog wizard, as well as friends who have previously worked with Karen with their dogs. I came to her with a rescue dog who was previously abused and possibly used for dog fighting. He had some behavioral issues/serious confidence issues and being he was a 90lb dog who is also a bully breed, I knew I needed his training to show what an amazing dog he is. My dog really loved learning and really wanted to please me, but I didn’t always know the right way to do things or sometimes where to even start. Karen comes with years of experience training and working with dogs, including training and working search and rescue animals.I was worried 8 sessions weren’t enough in the beginning but by the end of 8 sessions it was like having a brand new dog. She took videos and photos to show me the progress, but honestly I could see it after the first few sessions. The amount of confidence my dog gained and how well behaved he was, it was such a blessing to see. The bond between us has dramatically improved, and he just enjoyed doing training and being a working dog. We enjoyed it so much we bought additional sessions, and Vinny has even tagged a long to help newer dogs with their training all while practicing his own. To watch my dog go from being scared and sometimes reactive toward men, chasing squirrels, planting and laying down when he sees other dogs, to going out in busy areas walking around, or meeting and walking/ playing with other dogs and strangers, and even be able to take him to public places to be with me-I cannot thank Karen enough. I highly recommend Karen to everyone and anyone I meet who needs a trainer. I trust her with my dog completely, and any future dogs I ever have. 11/10 recommend. - 5/02/2021