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No matter if it is hyper, out of control behavior, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety, or just a basic lack of obedience, we have a program for you. Our philosophy is simple. It takes a balanced technique to create a balanced dog. We also stress relationship with your dog. And as in any good relationship, effective communication is essential. We believe success with your dog hinges on you and your dog’s ability to understand one another.

Most trainers concentrate solely on the dog understanding you, but we put just as much value (if not more) on you understanding your dog and what they are trying to tell you. By establishing an effective two-way line of communication, we create a relationship that goes beyond routine command-work. We create partnership.

The goal of our training is calm and confident dogs who know what we need from them and are equally happy to be part of a working relationship with their families. We also strongly believe dogs have innate needs that must be met for them to feel balanced. The need to socialize, think, problem solve, and use their instincts. If not allowed to be dogs and forced to be “human”, it makes them act in ways that are unnatural and out of balance. Therefore, it’s best to treat a dog like a dog.

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We still have a hard time believing the transformation of our dogs. We have 2 rescues who were very well behaved with everything other than interacting with the outside world. They had leash aggression issues and didn’t like strangers in our house. It was a very stressful task to walk them or have company over. However, working with Robert for a very short amount of time totally changed our dogs. Walking them is now FUN! Fun for us and fun for them. I remember thinking we could never take them off leash and now they are off leash all the time. Even at crowded events. It’s just not an issue anymore. They also now accept visitors to our house which is a huge relief. This is some of the best money and time we have ever spent. Plus, the continuing education classes on Saturdays are a wonderful way to continue working with your dogs and practicing. Robert is wonderful with dogs – he makes the training fun for you and for them. We can’t recommend him highly enough.  We wish we had done this program years ago.

Erin O.

About a year ago I adopted a small adult terrier mix with a big personality from the Shelter. He turned out to be a powerhouse although he weighed less than 20 lbs. After months of struggling with trying to control him on the leash, I finally called the Dog Wizard. My biggest issue was his aggression with other dogs on the leash. I had tried other trainers with no luck. Robert took Cyrus and I under his wing and changed our lives. Cyrus is a dynamo, full of energy and tricks and now he listens to me! Most importantly, I have gained so much confidence in my ability to handle Cyrus. The ongoing weekly classes and interaction with Robert’s other clients, both dog and human, are invaluable. Cyrus and I look forward to these classes and I feel like I have Robert’s support for any dog issues that may arise. If you need help with your dog, call the Dog Wizard.

Susan R.

Robert was our third dog trainer. We always thought that Desi’s problems were purely aggression: leash aggression, aggression toward other people and dogs, you name it. We couldn’t have anyone over to our house and going for walks was a nightmare. We called The Dog Wizard out of desperation – either this would work or we would have to consider drastic measures. Robert met Desi confidently, firmly and fearlessly and immediately shifted our thinking. Desi was not so much overtly aggressive as anxious and possessive of us. He began training us to deal with these things and the change was rapid and profound. More people than I can name have said “Wow, she’s a different dog” and they’re right. Desi is much more relaxed now, easy to manage, a real joy. We can have people over to our house with no problem. We can walk her and know we’re in charge and can handle anything. I look forward to meeting other dogs on walks, since it gives us the opportunity to practice our skills. Desi feels proud of herself after these encounters, it’s clear. Robert changed our lives. We will be forever grateful.

Heather L.