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Rutland VT Nathan Whitehorne

Nathan Whitehorne
Franchise Owner & Trainer

Nate is a very experienced and seasoned dog trainer. He serves as the Director of Training for The Dog Wizard and has served in that role since 2016. Nate has vast and deep experience in dog training, having served as Owner and Head Trainer of 4 Paws Academy since 2007. Nate has been instrumental in developing The Dog Wizard’s systems, processes, training style, curriculum, and codes of conduct for The Dog Wizard franchise.

Nate developed the Balanced Training System that is the foundation of The Dog Wizard’s training system. The Balanced Training System that Nate developed for The Dog Wizard is a holistic approach that not only focuses on training the dog, but also teaches owners how to see the world through their dog’s eyes and how to create an environment that enhances every aspect of their dog’s lives.

Nate is without a doubt one of the most recognized and well learned trainers in the area. The strong bond created by Nathan’s ever evolving “Balanced Training System” will result in behaviors that are consistent and reliable in just about any situation.

Rutland VT Kyra Raymond

Kyra Raymond

Kyra has been an animal lover since she was a young girl. She started down the road toward becoming a trainer when she attended training classes with Nathan Whitehorne a few years ago. After only a few classes she was sold on The Dog Wizard’s Balanced Training System and the amazing results from her own dog. After taking many obedience classes and enrolling in nosework class, Kyra was offered the chance to be a trainer for The Dog Wizard, Rutland, Vermont.

Kyra is well versed in all aspects of pet obedience. Kyra specializes in basic and advanced obedience, aggressive behavioral, fearful behavior and problem solving for unique issues.

Lauren Cabanaw

Lauren has been training dogs since her senior year of college. She began by working for Nathan Whitehorne at 4 Paws Academy. While there she was taught The Dog Wizard’s Balanced Training System. She has since developed her dog training skills and become a professional dog trainer. She specializes in canine strength and conditioning and participates in several dog sports including nosework and disc.

Erin King

Erin has been a dog lover as long as she can remember. She started working with dogs at age ten when she got her first pup. As the two of them grew up they got interested in canine sports and spent most of their time working and training together. Erin had the opportunity to work with trainers from the Purina ProPlan Performance Team and developed a great appreciation for the human canine bond. Erin is now working with her new pup using The Dog Wizard’s balanced training methods and is seeing great results. She is excited to help you achieve your obedience goals through building a great relationship with your dog. 

Muffie Sterling

Muffie has owned & trained German Shepherds in various methods since 1982. In 2013, she met Nathan & started training her puppy, Gretl, with him at 4 Paws Academy, using his balanced method. She has been associated with 4 Paws & The Dog Wizard ever since in varying capacities, including teaching nosework. She loves being a mobile trainer and especially the private lessons where she can work one-on-one with owners and their pets to achieve their desired goals.

Follow the Dog Wizard in Rutland

Training Programs

Board and Trains

Extended Day Training Program

Board and train programs are great for clients that have busy schedules and need help getting a jumpstart in their training.  Although a big part of the program’s success lies within you the client, we can get a major jump on the repetitions and practice, making it a much easier process for a busy owner to follow through.  Essentially, it is like you send you dog away to learn a new language, and when we bring them home, you have to continue to speak and follow through with the new language.  Board and Train also include a lifetime of free support to clients that receive their program graduation certificate. You can find more specific program information on the location page specific to your area.

Puppy Programs

Puppy class is a lot like breakfast

The most important meal of the day. Starting a puppy off right is like giving your puppy the roadmap to success with the fastest route already highlighted. We can prevent so many behavioral problems that we see in older dogs. Bad habits can form quickly, so please do your puppy the best favor you can: sign up for for a puppy program! You can find more specific program information on the location page specific to your area.

Private Lessons

Private & Group Training

We have several programs that offer private lessons.  Private lessons are best suited for clients that have tricky schedules or prefer to meet one on one with a trainer.  Depending on your dog’s needs, your trainer will create the screws to make your program a success. Private programs will consist of a set number of lessons and include a lifetime of free support to clients that receive their program graduation certificate. You can find more specific program information on the location page specific to your area.

Additional Programs & Services


Bodie and Belle

Working with The Dog Wizard, Rutland VT changed my life.  A little under a year ago my life was dictated by worry about how my dogs would react.  I feared my mastiff’s reactivity would lead to my loosing him.  I did not have the tools to keep him, let alone myself safe.  I was to the point I couldn’t walk both my dogs at the same time for fear another dog might walk by and I would end up face down in the street.  Every decision I made was informed by the time I needed to put into “tiring” my dogs out so I could relax at home.  Now, I have no fears, and my dogs don’t need to be tried to behave.  My confidence in my training and my dogs has grown exponentially! I walk both my dogs ANYWHERE with no concerns.  I have the tool box to deal with negative behaviors my dogs exhibit and reactive behaviors are beginning to disappear.  I could not have accomplished any of this without Nathan and the The Dog Wizard staff! I have never gone longer than 36 hours without an email response and each time I call someone is available to speak with me.  The The Dog Wizard makes and INCREDIBLE effort to help owners/handlers succeed in raising confident, obedient, and balanced dogs, I truly believe they are as committed to the success of my dogs as I am.


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