If you’re a dog owner seeking a career change, a dog training business may be your answer to “What’s next for me?” Your own dog training business can provide flexibility and allow you to work at something you love, especially if you’ve trained your own dog to obey commands. More people are making dogs part of the family, with around 69 million dog owners in the U.S., so the dog training industry should continue to grow. This is the perfect time to find out how to start a dog training business and how to be successful in it.

When families adopt a new dog, many will look for training to help facilitate a smooth transition to a new home and help avoid behavioral issues. If you have the patience and skills to train dogs, you’ll be able to stay busy. If you’re interested in training dogs, The Dog Wizard can help you determine if dog training is right for you and, through its dog training franchise opportunities, help you build a thriving dog training business. Here are some steps you’ll need to take to achieve your goal.


Steps on How to Start a Dog Training Business

Research the Market

People who want dog training services may ask veterinarians and staff at shelters and pet shops where they can get training for their dogs. You can contact these businesses to gauge the demand for dog training in your area. They may even let you leave flyers or business cards.

Get Professional Training

Remember that much of your work training dogs will be training their owners, which requires people skills. While certification as a dog trainer isn’t necessary to do the job, you’ll likely get more business if you complete training that includes behavior modification and other proven training methods. The Dog Wizard prepares you to train dogs, work with their owners and start your dog training business.

Decide on a Business Structure

Owning a reputable dog training business requires you to set up a business structure that allows you to operate efficiently. You may find a limited liability company (LLC) is the best structure for your new dog training business because it keeps business dealings separate from your personal finances. You’ll probably also want to purchase dog training business insurance to help protect your assets. The Dog Wizard will provide the guidance you need to set up and operate your dog training business effectively and legally.

Set up a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan

Your business plan outlines your business’s goals and how you’ll achieve them. It includes your expected business activities, financial resources, and structure. A sound dog training business plan helps your business succeed, helping a dog training business owner secure funding when they need money to expand. The Dog Wizard, which has 36 locations in the Eastern U.S., can help you map out a plan to make your dog training business successful.

Professional dog trainers know satisfied clients can be the best marketing. That’s another way The Dog Wizard can help. A dog training website can serve as your virtual storefront, letting the world know about your services and how to reach you. Along with your website, social media platforms help you stay engaged with the public. Brochures, flyers, and training aids for clients are essential for your marketing toolbox. When you partner with The Dog Wizard, you won’t need to become a webmaster or marketing guru. You can count on The Dog Wizard’s corporate franchise marketing team to help you reach your target market. 


Owning a Dog Training Business Can Be a Rewarding Career

If you love dogs and get along well with people, a successful dog training business could be a promising career. To learn more about starting a dog training business, call The Dog Wizard at 877-585-9727. If you have the desire and a place to work with dogs and their owners, you can get the training and support to get your dog training business up and running.