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When most of us imagine bringing a new puppy into our homes, we focus on the good stuff: walks around the block, days at the dog park, games of fetch in the yard, and tons of cuddles on the couch. However, it’s important not to overlook the things that aren’t so good, like leash reactivity, resource guarding, and separation anxiety. While some problems might disappear with age, others will only grow stronger without the proper training. 

Obedience training takes time, which is something a lot of us simply don’t have. That’s why more and more people are turning to professional dog trainers to help achieve behavior modification and transform a misbehaving puppy into a respectful, well-adjusted adult dog. At The Dog Wizard in Washington, DC, we conduct behavior consultations with dogs of all breeds and ages. Our professional trainers are prepared to meet your dog’s unique needs, from basic obedience to more advanced training.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

We Love Helping Pet Parents!

At The Dog Wizard in Washington, DC, we don’t just help pet parents because it’s our job — we help them because we love doing it. We approach our training sessions as a collaborative process. At the end of the day, it’s your voice that you need your dog to listen to, not ours. That’s why we work closely with pet parents, fortifying your connection with your dog so you both get the most out of your relationship. 

In addition to collaboration, we emphasize patience and acceptance. Like people, every dog is different. We give dogs the unique, special treatment they deserve. This means no pet is ever pushed past their boundaries, and each one is allowed to learn at a pace they feel comfortable with. We don’t want your dog to listen to commands because it has to; we want your dog to listen because that makes them happy.  

We offer our training services across Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas, such as:

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Bethesda
  • Silver Spring
  • DC Metro

We’re also accessible to residents in northern Virginia and Maryland. 

What Does Dog Training Include?

You can expect a high level of dedication, personalization, and passion from all of our training classes. Our trainers will address a variety of needs, from basic obedience training to proper leash walking, and craft a unique plan for you and your dog.  

Dog owners can choose from a variety of training programs. Dogs that need help with socialization might benefit more from our group classes, which come with lifetime support and frequent reunions. If you have a reactive dog that needs more advanced training, you might prefer our private sessions, which can take place at our facility or in your home. Through private training and home dog training, pets can quickly progress in a class by working one-on-one with a trainer. We also provide puppy training designed to address behavioral problems before they even have the chance to arise. If you’re busy during the day, don’t worry. You can always drop your dog off at our daycare. You can learn more about our comprehensive services by looking through our site.  

At The Dog Wizard, we’re more than just trainers — we want to become your dog’s friend. Whether you choose a private lesson or a group dog class, you’ll be met with positive dog solutions designed to encourage your pet and keep it happy while it’s learning. Your dog is a family member, and they deserve only the highest standard of pet care possible.

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Scott did a great job helping our two suburban dogs adjust to the city life!  They are walking much better and are much more confident with all of the noises around them.  They are happier and I’m much less stressed about walking them and taking them to the dog park!

Kenneth C.

My Dog Maya (American Bulldog) is sweet but scared and powerful and simply could not tolerate other dogs near her. Scott worked with us for six lessons and we used a special collar and immediately saw results. Today after graduation Maya behaves with other dogs beautifully and our own anxiety abated. This was our second trainer … I wish I went to D.C. Dog Wizard first

Bob V.

Scott is an outstanding trainer, he trained my two chocolate Labs and let me tell you they were unruly. However, the training doesn’t work if you don’t do the work which is daily repetition with your dog. I noticed a significant change in my dog’s behavior in 2-3 weeks. I can even take them off-leash now and they sit still until I tell them to move. DC Dog Wizard lives up to his name!

Eric N.