– Mobile Dog Training Operation Promises to Strengthen Dog and Dog Owner Relationships –

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., (October 14, 2021) – Indianapolis is home to the newest location of The Dog Wizard thanks to a Biomedical Sciences and Zoology graduate who realized his true passion is actually dog training. Romario Romain, most recently a laboratory research associate, has always owned and trained dogs, but became more invested in the practice after a challenging Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso) came into his life. After learning about the philosophy behind The Dog Wizard training, he decided to make a career change and open his own franchise location.

“I refused to give up on my dog, and in the process, realized I had a talent for dog training when he thrived under my instruction,” said Romain. “My science background has made it easy to understand how dogs learn, and I’m able apply that knowledge to help them achieve target behaviors. I’m eager to make this my life’s work, help dogs thrive, and give their owners the confidence to become successful dog owners.”

Romain recently spent time at The Dog Wizard Fort Collins, learning the business side of the nationwide dog training company, where he almost worked full-time before deciding to relocate. Learning his new home city of Indianapolis did not yet have a location for The Dog Wizard, he took the opportunity to jump on board with his own franchise.

The Dog Wizard Indianapolis will operate on a mobile-only basis for the time-being, offering one-on-one training for dogs of all breeds, ages and needs. Romain will be joined by business partner Alexandria Sanchez Moral, who brings vet tech experience to the business, as well as a strong history of volunteering for zoo programs, rescues and local shelters. She has a wealth of knowledge in dog behavior, nutrition and health.

The Dog Wizard is a nationwide mobile dog training and facility-based franchise that offers an alternative to traditional obedience training. Focused on the individual needs of both the dog and the dog owner, the company prides itself on an open-minded approach based on the unique learning style of each dog. Pet owners are immersed in the training experience in a “train the trainer” format, as a way to strengthen the bond with their dog for long-term success.

The Dog Wizard Indianapolis will serve the Indianapolis, West Indianapolis, Old Southside, Fountain Square, Fletcher Place, Lockerbie Square, Arsenal Heights and Upper Canal areas. Additional information about The Dog Wizard Indianapolis is available online, at https://thedogwizard.com/indianapolis. Trainings are by appointment only, by calling 317-743-2285.

About The Dog Wizard

The Dog Wizard is a professional, mobile franchised dog training company offering a range of services to help dog owners and families create happy dog-human relationships. The Dog Wizard leads with proprietary train-the-trainer and train-the-customer programs with lifetime support for graduates and offers exciting franchise opportunities throughout the country. The company was named an Entrepreneur magazine “Franchise 500 Top New Franchise” in 2017. Learn more about The Dog Wizard online, at www.thedogwizard.com.