At The Dog Wizard, we’re passionate about dogs and about transforming your relationship with your dog for the better. Our training not only provides your dog the skills it needs to be an obedient and well-behaved member of your family; we also teach you and your family members how to make the best use of those skills to enjoy a healthy and happy long-term connection with your canine friend.

The Dog Wizard does more than just teach behaviors. We teach your dog how to make better choices and how to listen to you instead of its impulses. Group dog training is a great way for your dog to learn communication, how to be engaged and how to follow commands in even the most distracting situations.

Puppy Class

  • Enrollment from 8 weeks until 5 months
  • On leash class
  • Group class setting (the more the merrier)
  • Class dates and times set
  • Includes: Leash, Treat Pouch, Unlimited classes until the puppy ages out at 6 months
What We Teach
  • Basic Obedience
    • “Come”
    • “Sit”
    • “Place”
    • “Loose Leash Walking”
    • “Down”
    • “Off”
    • “Leave It”
  • Socialization
  • Housebreaking/Crate Training
  • Tethering/Sit on the Dog
  • Problem Solving such as jumping, play biting, barking etc.
  • Health and Safety
  • Handling
  • Object Socialization/Confidence Building
Perfect For:
  • Any puppy 8 weeks to 6 months
  • Anyone who wants a lasting positive relationship with their puppy
  • Anyone who wants to prevent behavioral problems from forming

Foundational Class

  • On Leash Class
  • Small 5-7 people dog and class setting
  • Class dates and times set
  • Includes:
    • Leash
    • Food Pouch
    • 5 group training lessons
    • Virtual Instruction between classes
    • Online Homework Assignments
    • Private Facebook Support Group
What We Teach
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Place
  • Sit
  • Down
  • How to work through distractions
  • How to address moderate behavioral problems: jumping, barking, reactivity
Perfect for
  • Anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog
  • Any dog who pulls on the leash
  • Any dog that follows commands part of the time
  • Any dog that has a hard time channeling hyper energy
  • Any dog with mild-moderate reactivity
  • Anyone who can commit to wanting a better life for their dog and able to do online assignments

Continue your dog’s training success for the LIFE OF YOUR DOG with Support Class

Support Group Class

This is our way of saying….we are here to help you for the long haul!

We are here to support you and our promise to our graduates is lifetime support through our Support Class. Upon graduation, you will begin coming to our weekly group class once your dog has completed their training. Theses classes are designed to reinforce your dogs skills in high distraction settings and provide a forum for continued support for our clients.

Class is held in different area locations which are listed weekly in our Events Calendar and we highly encourage people to come as much as they like for the rest of their dog’s life! WE consider our clients part of our Dog Wizard Family and look forward to seeing all of our graduates at Group Class each week!

The Benefits of Professional Dog Training

Curiously, although most pet owners agree that training is critical to a dog’s development and safety, a majority of pet owners still never take the step of enrolling their pet in a professional class.

There are major benefits to trusting your pooch to professional dog trainers in programs like The Dog Wizard’s group classes in Sarasota County, Florida:

It’s better for your dog’s safety

Keeping your pup safe is the most important job of a dog owner. A pet that listens to your commands can avoid dangerous situations or conflict with other dogs or animals. Taking it for walks becomes a consistently fun experience; you’ll be able to count on it to deal with humans and other dogs with confidence and without drama.

It builds a stronger bond

Training ensures you and your dog come to understand and trust each other. You’ll have clear boundaries, shared experiences, and mutual respect. Your dog will learn to trust that you have its well-being at heart, and you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy its distinct personality while learning to admire what it can do.

It’s better for your dog’s safety

Keeping your pup safe is the most important job of a dog owner. A pet that listens to your commands can avoid dangerous situations or conflict with other dogs or animals. Taking it for walks becomes a consistently fun experience; you’ll be able to count on it to deal with humans and other dogs with confidence and without drama.

It’s better for their health

The day will surely come, sooner or later, when your dog needs to go to the vet. When that happens, it’s definitely for the best if the vet and their staff can work with your dog without triggering a violent reaction. Dogs who haven’t been trained to cope with being worked on can develop entirely preventable health issues.

What to Expect From a Group Class in Sarasota

Group classes carry that name for the obvious reason that they involve learning along with other dogs and humans. Some dog owners are nervous about group classes at first. Because they involve meeting other dogs, it might seem like they’re asking for trouble with a hyperactive, timid, or otherwise socially awkward dog. But the benefits, in the long run, are very real, even if it seems like a lot to take on at the outset.

At the end of the day, you want your dog to be able to deal with social situations and to be around other dogs and people comfortably and confidently. Group classes are one of the best ways to give it that confidence.

As it learns along with other dogs, its confidence grows and you’ll start seeing concrete benefits:

Better socialization

Group classes are invaluable for working on basic manners and handling interactions with other dogs. They’re a great “meet and play” environment, and young pups especially need that kind of contact as part of their development.

Faster learning

Group classes cover a number of topics and teach dogs and their owners’ specific applications of general lessons. Beyond just acquiring lots of new skills in this way, your dog learns how to learn and the two of you learn how to function as a team.

Better focus

Learning in a group means learning how to focus, build discipline and tune out distractions. Your dog will get a clear sense of when it’s learning time and when it’s playtime.

Connection with other dog owners

A class environment lets you connect and share stories with fellow pet owners. You’ll find you’re able to help and motivate each other, and when it comes time to ask questions of your trainers during a session, other participants in the class might come up with useful things you hadn’t thought of.

Group Classes Can Be a Fun Way to Train and Bond

Besides being a great way to train your dog and teach it new skills, group classes are a chance to have fun. Your pup will build its skills and confidence, the two of you will build a stronger relationship and you’ll get to meet and make friendships with other pet owners — all excellent reasons to book your group dog training class with The Dog Wizard in Sarasota today.

Group Classes Available

Covering basic obedience, loose leash walking, socialization, and housebreaking for puppies aged 8 weeks to six months, our puppy training group classes will help your pup correct behavior problems early and help you forge a better relationship for the rest of your canine companion’s life. These sessions aren’t limited in size, and they’re a great opportunity to introduce your brand-new pooch to other dogs and humans and build their confidence.
These are small, on-leash obedience classes for five to seven dog and owner pairs, covering five lessons, online homework, and virtual instruction between sessions. They’re ideal for dogs with mild to moderate problems with reactivity, jumping, or poor focus and discipline. The program covers loose leash walking and reactivity training and offers added help for building a better relationship with your dog through a private support group on Facebook.

Reinforce skills and enjoy continued support for the life of your dog!

As far as we’re concerned, our clients are part of The Dog Wizard family for the long haul. Once your dog graduates from our training programs, you’ll still have lifetime support and access to our professional training techniques through our Support Class. These weekly group classes will reinforce your dog’s skills in high-distraction settings and provide a continued opportunity to connect with fellow dog owners and the professionals of The Dog Wizard.

Classes are held in different locations in Sarasota County, listed weekly in our Events Calendar. We look forward to seeing all our alumni each week!