At The Dog Wizard Medina, OH there is nothing we understand better than dogs, and there is nothing dogs understand better than our unique training programs, which are designed to fit your dog’s behavior, specific issues, age, and history. We know that obedience and good behavior are not only desirable traits for you to see in your dog, but they are essential to your furry friend’s happiness. Better behavior means more freedoms, and more freedoms mean more fun, more adventure, and being a more integral part of the family.

We believe that every dog is unique and every client faces their own set of challenges unique to their life; in order to effectively prescribe a solution for you, we ask that you set up a time for a consultation so that we can get to know you and your dog better.

Our Medina dog obedience training  brings together several theories, understanding that each has their time and place in teaching a dog proper behavior. Because we gradually expose our dogs-in-training to increasingly hectic circumstances, varying our training to match, we are able to give dogs the understanding (and you the tools) to be well-behaved in virtually any situation or place.

All of our dog trainers at The Dog Wizard Medina, OH come to you with the knowledge, technique, and passion for what they do that enables them to understand the best and proven methods for training your dog. Schedule a free evaluation with us today! We will sit down with you and discuss the behavioral problems you are wanting to resolve, the best methods of training, the pros and cons of each, and which combination we believe to be the best choice for your specific dog and your expectations.