The number of discarded dogs placed in shelters for behavioral problems is heartbreaking. We know that with the right dog training, they would be sitting at their owner’s feet in complete contentment. We know all dogs have the potential to be great companions, and we want to give every dog the chance to reach that potential.

Don’t let yourself become a statistic or “put up with” an unruly dog. Our in-home dog training programs can give you the well-trained dog you desire; a dog that will “come” every time when called, and does not jump on people or destroy your home. We can even guarantee that your dog can walk off leash. Honestly, the possibilities are endless for your canine companion!

And what does your best friend get out of all this dog training? They get to go on more walks, visit new places, and most importantly, be more involved with the family. If you are unsure whether our methods will work with your dog, don’t be. We offer free evaluations and we guarantee our resluts — or your money back. What have you got to lose? Contact the dog training experts at The Dog Wizard Greenville!