No one gets a dog anticipating problems.

It is very frustrating dealing with dog behavior problems that try your patience and/or cost you more and more money. Whether your dog is destroying your belongings (chewing on rugs, furniture, drywall), not coming when called, struggling with socialization, aggression, reactivity and anxiety, or is a rescue dog trying to learn the way of their new world, we can help!

All dog owners communicate with their dogs every day, but that does not mean their dogs clearly understand them. Humans can unintentionally give their dog mixed signals that set them up for misunderstanding, which on the surface looks like the dogs just choosing not to pay attention. All of these dog behavior problems and miscommunications can be managed or completely eliminated — so let us show you how!

We want to give you back that lovable pet who used to make you smile all the time, before they started driving you crazy. Check out our programs below, or contact us today for more information!