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There’s no doubt dogs have a lot of love to give, and it’s not long before a new puppy starts to feel like an official part of your family. However, among all those games of fetch and cuddles on the couch, dogs can be a lot of work. Not only do you have to teach them basic obedience commands, but you also have to keep an eye out for any behavioral issues. Seemingly small problems like growling or separation anxiety can become more severe without proper training.

Training a dog is not something that can be done in just a few hours — it’s practically a full-time job. Whether you’re working all day or going to school, chances are you have daily commitments and can’t dedicate the necessary time for dog training. At The Dog Wizard in Dayton, Ohio, we enhance dog behavior using our comprehensive, personalized training methods. Whether you’re looking for help with basic commands or need more advanced assistance, our Dayton dog trainers are happy to help.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

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At The Dog Wizard Dayton, dog training is more than a job — it’s a passion. Proper obedience training can be the difference between your dog running away to chase a squirrel or returning to you at your call. By working closely with both pet and pet parent, we can fortify your bond and help you both get the most of your relationship. We know you only want the best for your dog, and our mission is to help your dog understand that as well.

We approach every dog training class with a combination of teamwork, patience, and acceptance. This involves creating a comfortable, safe environment that encourages every dog to learn at its own pace and accommodates different learning capabilities and sensitivity levels. We don’t just want your dog to listen to your commands; we want them to be happy doing so.

In addition to Dayton, OH, we offer training services to Centerville and the surrounding areas.

What Does Dog Training Include?

Our professional dog trainers have experience addressing a wide range of dog behavioral problems, from separation anxiety and socialization to aggression and hyperactivity. Whatever your needs are, our dog training services can meet them.

We offer a wide range of pet training classes for dog owners to choose from. If you’re looking for a place where your pet can learn while interacting with other dogs, you might prefer our group classes. They come with frequent reunions at local dog parks, giving your pet a chance to show off their skills for years to come. Alternatively, if you have more advanced needs and want one-on-one assistance, you might prefer our private training sessions. These can be enjoyed at both our facility and in the comfort of your home. We also offer puppy classes designed to encourage dog obedience at a young age and a daycare for busy pet parents. You can learn more about our different training programs through our site.

Our dog trainers approach each training session with the same level of dedication and customization. We personalize our tried-and-true training techniques to meet the unique abilities and pace of every dog, and we work hard to encourage a strong bond between pet and pet owner. By the end of our training sessions, your dog will be better behaved and feel closer to you.

Kirsten and Matt are really “dog whisperers”! Our two lab brothers ( Hogan & Junior) went in for the 14 day Jumpstart Premium Training Program. These devil dogs were out of control, over the top in energy, jumping on us and visitors, etc. Kirsten truly worked miracles with both boys! They returned to us with the same spirits but their energy is controlled. Now we can take them places, go for walks, and have company come over without drama. We are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend The Dog Wizard Training Program! Thank You Kevin and Shelia King Springfield Ohio

Shelia K.

Our stubborn but loving Saint Bernard, Charli, was in serious need of some manners and overall obedience training. We contacted Upbeat K9 and promptly got an eval appointment set and training shortly after. Erin was exceptional at explaining the process and plan for Charli. The follow-up lessons have been great and what an improvement in behavior! We have recommended Upbeat to several of our friends and will continue to recommend them. Great company, great people, well worth it!!

Camon N.

Trainer Erin has done such an amazing job with my Newfy-doodle, Amos. He did the 14 day jump start premium package and came back to us with such a wonderful foundation. Being such a large dog he was very difficult for me to handle, and he was always so excited to meet new people he often jumped and misbehaved. On the 2nd day he was back, I was able to have him stay on his place while the pizza guy came to the door. Before he would have jumped all over and tried to force his way out of the front door! I’m very excited to see what he can achieve as Erin continues to work with my family and me.

Jeffery B.