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You are dreaming of leisurely walks, playing fetch and a dog being part of your every day life. Maybe your puppy has more energy than you expected or your puppy is having difficulty being a successful part of the family. We have the training solutions that can help..

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No matter if it is hyper, out of control behavior, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety, or helping your puppy start his life off right, we have just the program for you.

All of our dog trainers at The Dog Wizard Dayton come to you with the knowledge, technique, and passion for what they do that enables them to understand the best and proven methods for training your dog. During your initial consultation with your personal dog trainer, they will sit down with you and discuss the best methods of training, the pros and cons of each, and which one we believe to be the best choice for your specific dog and your expectations. The most essential element for properly training a dog is making sure that he or she will listen to you and obey commands, regardless of environment, distractions, or anxiety.

The most essential element for properly training a dog is making sure that he or she will listen to you and obey commands regardless of environment. Your dog should be able to “come” or “sit” or “stay,” regardless of whether you are at home, in a park, or in the middle of a circus.

While we can teach your dog almost anything, it ultimately comes down to your (and your family’s) relationship with your furry friend. With our dog behavior training, we teach your dog the skills it needs to be behaved. The most exciting part about our training is that your whole family is an active part of your furry friends training program.

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Kirsten and Matt are really “dog whisperers”! Our two lab brothers ( Hogan & Junior) went in for the 14 day Jumpstart Premium Training Program. These devil dogs were out of control, over the top in energy, jumping on us and visitors, etc. Kirsten truly worked miracles with both boys! They returned to us with the same spirits but their energy is controlled. Now we can take them places, go for walks, and have company come over without drama. We are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend The Dog Wizard Training Program! Thank You Kevin and Shelia King Springfield Ohio


Shelia K.

Our stubborn but loving Saint Bernard, Charli, was in serious need of some manners and overall obedience training. We contacted Upbeat K9 and promptly got an eval appointment set and training shortly after. Erin was exceptional at explaining the process and plan for Charli. The follow-up lessons have been great and what an improvement in behavior! We have recommended Upbeat to several of our friends and will continue to recommend them. Great company, great people, well worth it!!

Camon N.

Trainer Erin has done such an amazing job with my Newfy-doodle, Amos. He did the 14 day jump start premium package and came back to us with such a wonderful foundation. Being such a large dog he was very difficult for me to handle, and he was always so excited to meet new people he often jumped and misbehaved. On the 2nd day he was back, I was able to have him stay on his place while the pizza guy came to the door. Before he would have jumped all over and tried to force his way out of the front door! I’m very excited to see what he can achieve as Erin continues to work with my family and me.

Jeffery B.