Therapy Prep

The therapeutic value of dogs is undisputed in everyday life, which is why lending this energy to brighten the lives of those who are sick, elderly, or troubled in some way can be such a rewarding experience. Therapy dog work is one of the most incredible ways you can share the joy your dog gives you with others. Not every dog is suited for therapy work, but we can help you make this assessment and help you prepare you and your dog for therapy dog certification.

We have a monthly class which will prepare you in every way to become certified as a therapy dog and handler team so that you may go out to visit therapeutic facilities together. We are also lucky enough to be partnered with Paws for People Foundation, an organization that trains and places service dogs throughout the country, for anyone seeking more intense Service Dog training and certification.

Check our calendar and sign up for our next Therapy Dog Prep class so you and your beloved pooch can start spreading the love!