All dogs have a keenly refined sense of smell and are designed to use their noses to detect scents. Our Scent Detection class is an excellent place to nurture this natural instinct in your dogs while mentally stimulating them and having fun in the process!

All real life scent detection work is based on the same basic training principles, whether it is ultimately used in bomb detection, firearms detection, narcotics detection, or search and rescue work. While our Scent Class is designed to teach your dogs this skill in a light-hearted and fun way (we may teach your dog how to find your lost keys!), all training methods used in this class may be applied to more advanced or specialized scent detection training. If your dog has a toy drive, food drive, or prey drive, they are capable of excelling at this class! Even puppies are welcome!

Come check out our “Suburban Search and Rescue” and see how much fun scent work can be!!