Dog are companion animals, so they do enjoy company, but they were also originally bred for purposes (other than just being our friends) so they need mental stimulation. Many dogs chew out of boredom and not being properly shown the correct structure in the house as to what is allowed and what is not. For many dogs that have not had this structure implemented, the whole house becomes open game for how they see fit. So when they are slightly bored, they look around and say, “hmmm what would I like to clean my teeth on today? And remember they are also “companion” animals, so that side of them says, “I wish mom or dad were here”, so it is logical how they ultimately go with: “I think I will chew on that remote today because it smells just like my mom and dad, this way I can clean my teeth and hang out with mom and dad….YAY for me!” If given the opportunity and not having the proper structure, a dog will always choose an object to chew that has the strongest scent of the owner (remotes, books, socks, underwear, sunglasses, phones, etc).