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Dog Training in Knoxville, TN

A new dog coming into your home can bring you endless joy, but that joy comes at a price. You have to be prepared to care for all the dog’s needs. While most people will think about feeding, watering, and walking the dog, you also need to work on dog training.

The Dog Wizard Knoxville knows that training a dog isn’t easy if you try to do it alone. Our professional dog trainers are here to work with pet parents and their beloved dogs using proven obedience training methods.

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If you’re ready to enhance the bond between you and your beloved pup in the most practical way possible, click the button below to complete an evaluation, or call The Dog Wizard Knoxville, TN today at 865-320-9076.


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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

How Does The Dog Wizard Help Dog Owners?

The Dog Wizard Knoxville helps dog owners learn training methods that don’t induce stress for the dog or the owner. It often takes a few different methods for successful dog training. We use a combination of positive reinforcement, preventive measures, and behavior modification. This enables our experienced dog trainers to address many situations.

We support our pet parents as they try to teach the dog proper behaviors. This can include addressing behavioral problems, such as separation anxiety, problem barking, and mild aggression. We take the dog’s personality, body language, and the circumstances that are present into account when we suggest a training method.

What’s Included in The Dog Wizard Dog Obedience Training?

The Dog Wizard Knoxville focuses on providing well-rounded training for dogs. We have three types of training classes to help benefit all dogs.

Group obedience classes lay the foundation for basic obedience skills. Under the guidance of our professional dog trainers, you and your dog join other pet parents and their dogs to learn many of the skills your dog needs to know. Besides learning basic commands, including place, come, off, and down, your dog also has the opportunity to socialize. Because this is an environment filled with distractions, it can help your dog learn how to focus on you even when things are busy around it.

Private lessons provide you and your dog the opportunity to work one-on-one with a dog trainer who has years of experience. This is a perfect time to address behavioral issues. The trainer can look at the environment in which the dog is having trouble and help you find solutions.

Board-and-train is an intensive program that’s meant to help jump-start the dog’s obedience training. Your dog stays with us for 7, 14, or 21 days to learn the skills it needs for success. Once the dog is done with the program, you can continue to reinforce the skills through group classes and private lessons.

All dogs that successfully complete our training programs, including adult or puppy training, are invited to attend our Support Group classes. These are a time for socialization and refreshing the skills the dog has learned.

Contact The Dog Wizard Knoxville

Dog owners who are ready to work with the premier dog trainers in Knoxville, Tennessee, should give The Dog Wizard a call. You can reach us at 865-320-9076 to learn more about our programs and how they can help you train your dog to be the best family member possible. We proudly serve the greater Knoxville area, including Loudon, Oak Ridge, and surrounding areas in Blount County, Anderson County, and Sevier County.

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Trent has made our life with Molly and Prince so much easier. We have had them since 8 weeks old Trent came and met us and our babies and we have been so lucky to have him help us. He trained us humans and the puppies and it has been worth every cent.

Dennis V.

Truly life changing!!! I was so discouraged, I was ready to rehome our new Weimaraner puppy. I decided to call Trent he came the same day and did an assessment. Exactly a week later he took her for 14 days and did whatever he did and she is like a totally I mean totally different dog. No biting, jumping, clawing, chewing, also she knows all basic commands. We can finally enjoy being in the same room with her! We highly recommend Trent and his training program!!!

Andrew H.

I have not experienced The Dog Wizard, however I had the pleasure of working with Jen and let me just tell you she is awesome. I have two female pit bulls (one being deaf) that got into a horrible fight and I didn’t know how we were ever going to get our normal life back. But we did thanks to her amazing skills. I highly recommend her and her team.

Amanda H.