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Bringing a new dog home means you can enjoy snuggles and love from your furry friend. It also means you need to take the time to ensure your dog is properly trained and socialized. The dog trainers at The Dog Wizard understand this isn’t always an easy journey to take on your own. We’re here to help all dog owners find the training solutions that fit their lifestyle, as well as their dog’s needs.

Being able to count on the experience and training of dog trainers who care about all dogs can benefit owners who need that little extra help. Even if you need intensive training for your dog, The Dog Wizard can help you.

Ready for Dog Training in Cincinnati, Ohio?

The Dog Wizard Cincinnati is ready to work with you on training your dog. Give us a call at 513-274-0204 to discuss our programs and find the training that’s right for your situation. We proudly serve pet parents throughout the greater Cincinnati area, including those in Blue Ash, Hamilton, and Loveland, Ohio.


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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

What Is The Dog Wizard Cincinnati’s Philosophy?

The Dog Wizard believes in following a philosophy that keeps things simple for dogs and dog owners. We believe in rewarding dogs for acceptable behavior while showing them what isn’t acceptable. Positive reinforcement, redirecting, and preventing these behaviors in the first place are The Dog Wizard training techniques that work for any dog.

Trainers with The Dog Wizard watch your dog for clues so we can determine which methods are most effective for training your dog. These are the ones we focus on since not all dogs respond to the same methods. By offering a fully customizable program, we can ensure your dog has the best chance of achieving success with our program.

One of the issues that can lead dogs to exhibit problematic behavior is a lack of self-confidence. The Dog Wizard’s training programs focus on boosting the dog’s confidence through fun activities that enable them to learn the behaviors that will get them praise.

Another issue that comes up often is that the trust between the dog and the owner needs to be fine-tuned. The human must be seen as the leader of the pack, so we work on this in our dog training classes. By taking care of the dog and working closely on teaching the proper behaviors, the owner can build the relationship they need so the dog can successfully join the family as a valued member.

Why Choose The Dog Wizard?

The Dog Wizard is the premier option for dog training in the Cincinnati area. Our experienced trainers can help dog owners in the Cincinnati area with everything from basic puppy obedience training to highly specialized training. We do this through a variety of dog training classes and in-home private lessons with the goal of helping your dog to be the best dog possible.

Our programs also address many behavior issues, including separation anxiety and mild aggression. You only need to let your trainer know what problems your dog is having and we can suggest a training program or method to address those issues.

What Types of Training Does The Dog Wizard Cincinnati Offer?

The Dog Wizard has several different programs, so we can tailor a program to fit your pup’s needs. Our group basic obedience classes include options for beginners through experts. These classes go beyond just teaching your dog basic commands. They also help your dog with socialization because the class takes place with other dogs and humans. We offer these for puppies and older dogs.

We also offer private training at your home, in our facility, or anywhere that’s safe for a lesson. These are times when our professional dog trainers can watch your dog’s behaviors and help you find solutions that discourage undesirable behaviors while encouraging the behaviors you want to see in your dog.

Because we understand that some dog owners are busy, we also offer the board and train option. You leave your pup with us for 7, 14, or 21 days while we work closely with it throughout that time. This intensive training gives your pooch the foundation to be an obedient dog.

“Anyone that knows me knew that Bear and I needed a lot of help. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for The Dog Wizard. They made the process of training Bear and now starting to train me a very pleasant experience for both Bear and I.”

Beth M.

“The Dog Wizard was great! We sent our 9 month labradoodle to the dog wizard for help with basic manners. We had trained her on some things but needed help mostly with leash pulling and jumping. But the Dog Wizard provided training on that and so much more, it was so very worth it!!”

Catherine W.

“People in public often comment on how well behaved my dog is. His spunky and outgoing personality was perfected with his sharp listening skills. Dog Wizard made this dream a reality for me and it was so worth it!”

Kori T.