– Full Service Training Options Available to Meet Every Dog Owner’s Needs –

LAS VEGAS, Nev., (October 18, 2021) – U.S. Army veteran Matt Godwin has brought a revered nationwide dog training business to Las Vegas, with the official opening of The Dog Wizard Las Vegas. Godwin will offer full service training options to suit every dog owner’s personal needs, including mobile training and board & train while he seeks a location for facility-based training. He brings 19 years of extensive dog training experience to his new venture, including work with both military and police dogs.

“My love of dog training has spanned my personal life training my own dogs, my military career, and now for several years following my retirement,” said Godwin. “Dog training is 10 percent about the actual act of training, and 90 percent about maintaining balance between the owner and the dog. The process has always intrigued me, and I find it incredibly rewarding to see both a dog and its owner accomplish their training goals and live a more successful life together.”

Following 10 years of active duty military service, during which he led counterinsurgency missions in both high and low intensity areas of hostility, Godwin continued working for the Special Units Procurement and Training K9 Program to prepare dogs for the military. He also owned and operated his own contracting company, DNA K9, working with elite police and military units to hand-select dogs for search and rescue. From 2014-2020, he was a sworn K9 handler in North Carolina, maintaining seven K9 units that were called upon for high risk fugitive recovery teams within their respective jurisdictions.

Originally from the East Coast with a personal connection to The Dog Wizard Richmond and Virginia Beach locations, Godwin appreciated the philosophy and approach of the dog training franchise. His desire to relocate to Las Vegas — where he has an extensive network of family and friends already — was timed perfectly with the need for a new franchise in the area, so he jumped at the opportunity.

“Las Vegas has the activity and atmosphere that I appreciate, so it seemed completely natural and expected that I would take the opportunity to bring The Dog Wizard to this part of the country,” said Godwin. “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity and eager to put my dog training skills and expertise to work for the people of this region.”

Godwin aspires to expand The Dog Wizard Las Vegas considerably, adding facility-based training in the near future, followed by the possible addition of boarding, daycare, couples’ massages, and group therapy sessions down the road. He has a deep understanding of the triggers and psychology behind dog behaviors, and is passionate about alternative therapies to complement the training process. He anticipates hiring dog trainers in the future as demand increases, and looks forward to “paying it forward” to young dog trainers and supporting the future of the industry.

The Dog Wizard is a nationwide mobile dog training and facility-based franchise that offers an alternative to traditional obedience training. Focused on the individual needs of both the dog and the dog owner, the company prides itself on an open-minded approach based on the unique learning style of each dog. Pet owners are immersed in the training experience in a “train the trainer” format, as a way to strengthen the bond with their dog for long-term success.

The Dog Wizard Las Vegas will serve the Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, Henderson and North Las Vegas areas. Additional information about The Dog Wizard Las Vegas is available online, at https://thedogwizard.com/lasvegas.  Trainings are by appointment only, by calling 702-529-1991.

About The Dog Wizard

The Dog Wizard is a professional, mobile franchised dog training company offering a range of services to help dog owners and families create happy dog-human relationships. The Dog Wizard leads with proprietary train-the-trainer and train-the-customer programs with lifetime support for graduates and offers exciting franchise opportunities throughout the country. The company was named an Entrepreneur magazine “Franchise 500 Top New Franchise” in 2017. Learn more about The Dog Wizard online, at www.thedogwizard.com.