Danielle Kharman

After pursuing her initial dream of becoming a lawyer, Danielle realized in her second year of law school that the quality of her everyday life would have to come from doing something she absolutely loved – dogs.  Taking after her father, who always possessed an extraordinary connection with animals, Danielle began the journey to become a dog trainer.   In May of 2009, Danielle began working with a therapy dog organization whose mission was to train service dogs for children with physical disabilities and veterans suffering from both the physical and psychological traumas.   Upon seeing the dramatic and potentially life-saving impact that these service dogs have on people’s lives, there was no question in Danielle’s mind that this was the career path she was meant to take in life.  Her work with service dogs led her to study and work with The Dog Wizard in Charlotte, NC which is a perfect fit for her diverse range of experience as a dog trainer.  Training dogs is only half of the equation for success. Communicating the information to the dog’s owner is the second part, and Danielle has found that her gift for being articulate in her communication with others serves her and her clients well.  Danielle says improving the lives of the people and dogs she trains seems to be the formula for improving her own life as well!

Emily Nolan

Emily obtained a unique start to the dog-training world. She started out as a kennel cleaner and worked her butt off soaking as much knowledge as one can soak. Over time she began climbing the ladder through The Dog Wizard, learning little intricate bits and pieces along the way. She accepted every challenge with great resolve and grew into an unbelievable dog trainer. While climbing the tall ladder, Emily gained extensive experience working in the office at The Dog Wizard, giving her a unique more customer service perspective to the service of dog training. Emily has demonstrated that anyone who has the passion for something and determination can accomplish their dream. Emily also enjoys instructing a lot of the specialty classes. In addition, she validated her love for challenges by adopting and training a deaf cattle dog, Mayhem, who she now uses to demonstrate obedience to potential clients. Teaching a dog that cannot hear how to follow directions is very impressive to clients that have dogs who can hear and don’t follow directions :).