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Our Wilmington dog trainer at The Dog Wizard Wilmington comes to you with the knowledge, techniques, and passion for what they do which enables them to understand the best and proven methods for training your dog. During your initial evaluation with your trainer, they will sit down with you and discuss the best methods of training, and which one we believe to be the best choice for your specific dog and your expectations. Call our Wilmington dog trainer today!  We love helping dogs!

It is important to remember that while you can train your dog yourself to obey simple commands, this will mean nothing if your dog can only perform the commands in your kitchen without anyone else around. The most essential element of training is making sure that he or she is proficient in listening to you and obeying commands, regardless of environment, distractions, or state of mind. Your dog should be able to “come,” “sit,” “down,” or “place” regardless of whether you are at home, in a park, or in the middle of a circus.

Ultimately it comes down to your (and your family’s) relationship with your canine. Our Wilmington dog trainer not only teaches your dog the skills it needs to be obedient and well-behaved, but we teach your entire family, and anyone else how to best implement those skills so you can  have a healthy and happy relationship with your dog. Watch this awesome video of some of the graduates from our programs.

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Shelby changed our lives forever. I have an almost two year old Schnauzer/Terrier mix named Lacy who Shelby turned into the most amazing version of herself possible last summer. Lacy had problems with walking on a leash, following commands, jumping on people, and bolting out of the house at any opportunity that presented itself. With Shelby’s help Lacy has fine tuned most of these problems (she still jumps when she gets too excited so that’s a work in progress) making our lives much more enjoyable. I no longer have to worry that she is going to take off out of an open door and the place command is such a life saver! I also love the fact that we can board her with Shelby or Lauren allowing them to work with her and get in some fine tuning. While we will always have work to do, Shelby has changed our lives and made them much more enjoyable.

Ally B.

Wilmington Dog Wizard is by far the best! I got my pup at 5 months from the shelter and trained her myself for almost 3 years. She is super smart and was an all around awesome dog! But (as all my friends and family know) I have very high expectations for my dog and wanted her to be even more successful and be an even better dog. You can never have too many tricks and training for your dog. Lauren has helped me and my girl, Presley, develop an even stronger bond through training and given us the tools that are for a lifetime. Training takes dedication and taking your trainers advice even if it seems crazy or too hard. Lauren made it so easy and took the time and extra steps to help me and my girl be a great team. We attend socials and pack walks and even go downtown for some fun training. I don’t trust many people with my dog but I trust all the trainers at the WDW 100% with my baby girl. I recommend The Wilmington Dog Wizard to everyone! Lauren, we love you!

Lindsey P.

I cannot say enough about The Wilmington Dog Wizard!! They are simply phenomenal. I have a large, 65 pound boxer mix who is incredibly sweet. However, on leash, around other dogs he became increasingly reactive and uncontrollable. He got out and had an altercation with my neighbors lab and I knew something had to be done. Without hesitation, we sent him to the Home Away program offered with Shelby. GUYS! 2 weeks and he is a completely different dog. Shelby took time to help us learn commands, his behaviors and took us around Wilmington to work on his off leash respect and recall. She brought many different types of dogs with her too so we could work on his reactivity. He successfully sat outside of the fenced dog park @ Hugh McCrae without a peep!!!!!!  I can now walk him around my neighborhood and down the beach off leash with control and more importantly without anxiety. MOST importantly, Ficklen is so much happier! 

Fast forward one year later, we adopted a 2 year old rescue who had severe dog anxiety but melted around people. We decided to do the 8 week program with Shelby & yes… we work with him still— his anxiety- it is a complete transformation from where we started!! 

Since then, I think at least 5 of my friends or family members have consulted or gone through their program! Including my moms 2 dogs and our neighbors brand new GoldenDoodle. 

Lauren and Shelby are ONE OF A KIND!! It is worth every cent – I promise you will not be disappointed. Just remember, you have to put in the work, too!

Kate L.