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A new puppy brings a lot of joy into a home, but that same puppy can also bring a lot of turmoil if it isn’t properly trained. The Dog Wizard Wilmington is here to help ensure you can teach your puppy the basic obedience skills it needs to remain safe and out of trouble.

Our professional dog trainers are ready to work with you to train your dog. We work closely with you to learn about your lifestyle and your puppy’s challenges so we can develop a solution for your situation. We don’t try to fit all situations into one training program.

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If you’re ready to enhance the bond between you and your beloved pup in the most practical way possible, click the button below to complete an evaluation, or call The Dog Wizard Wilmington today at 910-566-0209.


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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

What Types of Dog Training Does The Dog Wizard Offer?

The Dog Wizard Wilmington has a full line of dog obedience training programs to meet any puppy’s needs. Putting all our options together can help you properly train your dog most effectively.

Group Obedience Classes

The group obedience classes The Dog Wizard Wilmington offers are the cornerstone of our program. These enable dogs to learn important life skills while also teaching the basic commands. Our adult programs are great for dogs that are 6 months or older and can help resolve even some of the most difficult behavioral problems. You and your dog are capable of being able to go on a calm walk or enjoy lunch on the patio and we are here to show you how.

Our puppy classes are on-leash classes in a large group setting with other dogs and dog owners. This helps the puppies to learn how to obey commands even when there are distractions around. Some of the commands the puppies will learn include:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Place
  • Down
  • Off
  • Leave it

We also work on walking on a loose leash so the puppy can go to the pet store, dog park, or other public areas with you. This also enables you to have some measure of control over the dog.

Private One-on-One Training

Private obedience training is ideal for many situations. Our trainer can visit your home so they can see the dog in its normal setting. This gives us the chance to give you suggestions on how you can help the dog thrive at home. We can offer ideas about how to keep your pooch out of trouble.

Private training sessions can also take place at our facility or in other locations. We can work on the various skills your dog needs to have so it can live the best life possible. This might be to work toward a canine good citizen certification or just so your dog can accompany you to more places.

Board and Train

Board and train is our most intense form of training. Your dog stays with us for 7, 14, or 21 days while we work on establishing coping skills, a calm frame of mind, and utilize basic obedience skills to help them navigate the world more confidently. This can give the dog a foundation for our other training options like fun classes and extracurricular things you want to do with your dog.

Why Should You Choose The Dog Wizard Wilmington?

The Dog Wizard Wilmington utilizes a multifaceted approach to obedience training. Our dog trainers realize that positive reinforcement, gentle correction, and preventive actions are the three options that can work for every dog.

Positive reinforcement helps to boost the dog’s confidence, which will reduce the dog’s negative behaviors. This helps to reinforce the behaviors you want more of. When you reinforce the good behaviors you desire in the dog, your pet will come to respect you and trust you.

Gentle corrections are necessary if the dog already has some bad habits. These are meant to discourage the dog from doing these actions. We’ll usually couple this method with redirecting the dog to something that’s desired. This lets the dog learn how to handle specific situations.

Preventive measures help the dog avoid getting into trouble. This can be something as simple as having your dog place during dinner time so they don’t beg at the table.

Contact Us to Explore Your Dog Obedience Training Options

If you’re ready to take control of your dog’s obedience training by using proven methods, give The Dog Wizard Wilmington a call. We’ll discuss your situation and help you determine what types of classes or programs are best suited for your dog. You can reach us at 910-566-0209 to speak to one of our team members.

We proudly serve residents of the greater Wilmington area, including those in Rocky Point, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, Castle Hayne, Kings Grant, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Sea Breeze, Bayshore, and surrounding areas.

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Lauren, Shelby and the entire team at Wilmington Dog Wizards are truly the best. They understand dogs and people and communicate masterfully to both, ensuring great results. They taught me so much about how to talk to my dog and train him to be a well adjusted member of our household. Since the puppy class, we completed the off-leash class which was amazing too. I am so glad I took the plunge with off leash – it has been life changing for us – allowing us to comfortably and safely hike and walk off-leash. It was worth every penny. Thank you Dog Wizards!!

Sarah S.

We had such a wonderful experience with the dedicated trainers at Wilmington Dog Wizard! Our dog Franklin is doing so, SO much better walking on a leash and knows a variety of other commands to address some other minor behavioral issues we were facing. We love the ongoing support of their socials and Saturday support classes!!

Lily G.

Hands down best investment we have ever made for ourselves and our dog. Dewayne was able to make our crazy pup into the star dog that gets all the compliments on how well behaved he is. Now we can bring our dog everywhere! I can’t say enough about how great Dewayne was with our dog and mostly with teaching us how to be calm and assertive. Definitely recommend for anyone that has a dog.

Patrice E.