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It’s not magic.

It’s dog training done right.

No one gets a dog anticipating problems.

We do not dream of our dog being hard to walk, destroying the sofa, or having aggression. We rather dream of leisurely walks, playing fetch, and lounging on a raining day.

We are here to make that dream come true.

No matter if it is hyper, out of control behavior, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety, or helping your puppy start his life off right, we have just the program for you.

There are so many dog training philosophies out there, all claiming to have the fix-all solution for dog behavior issues, all creating the “ideal dog,” and all seemingly contradictory to each other. One gives treats, while one insists treats don’t give dogs the right motivation. One propounds the theory that only positive reinforcement should be used, while others believe that too much praise is counterproductive. While each method and each theory can train a dog to a certain extent, very few philosophies have been proven to provide training that will withstand changes in circumstances, environment, and conditions.

Treats or no treats, collars or harnesses, toys or no toys, corrections or no corrections, electronic collars or no way?  Truth is, almost every training styles, methods, and philosophies out there has pros and cons. 

Our philosophy is simple. It takes a balanced technique to create a balanced dog. We believe your relationship with your dog is hinged on you and your dog’s ability to understand each other. The goal of our training is to create happy and confident dogs who know what we need from them and are equally happy to be part of a working and balanced relationship with their families.  We also strongly believe dogs have innate needs that must be met for them to feel balanced. What this means is dogs like to socialize, think, problem solve, and use their instincts, and if not allowed to do this and forced to be a “human” it makes them act in ways that are not natural or balanced.

We want you to see just how vast the possibilities are for you and your beloved canine companion. Our goal is to make it easy to do things with your dog, so that you CAN and WILL do more things with your dog!

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When we got our German Shepherd she was a MESS; she couldn’t walk on a leash without trying to pull and run, barked at everything and everyone because she was so fearful, and was chewing up our molding and walls. Now she can walk OFF LEASH! She regularly goes to Home Depot with us and will sit and stay on command even if we walk away in public. We can finally love her well and she is much happier.

Rachel H.

Phillipi is one of the best dog trainers that I have ever had the privilege to meet and learn from. Anyone on the edge of their decision to trust their dog with this company should know no matter who the trainer is, your four legged best friend is in fantastic hands!

Scott T.

We sent Obi-Wan for a two week board and train. Phillipi and Don were extremely communicative and transparent about the whole process and we felt like our puppy was very important to them. At the end of training they set aside time to thoroughly explain the training techniques and how to properly apply all of the training. 10/10 recommend that all dogs get trained by Phillipi at Dog Wizard VB

Paul T.