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One thing we can all agree on, no one gets a dog or puppy and anticipates all the different problems and issues that can happen. We all dream of that dog we take on relaxing walks, play fetch with, the one we cuddle up with on cold or rainy days, that ride and die pup we can take everywhere and introduce to our family and friends and everyone coos over how good of a dog they are. The dog that unconditionally provides that no judgment love that only a dog can give. We, as owners, tend to overlook the fact that dogs are actually complex processors and thinkers. With that being said, the number of opinions that have formed on raising, training, and just being a good dog owner has accumulated to astronomical amounts all over the internet, television, books, and media in general. The possibilities are endless!

Navigating through all of this information can look a little like this; Should we give treats or not? Are we going to choose a harness, or should we stick with the tried and true collar and leash? Should I correct my dog for chewing my shoes or give them more appropriate chewing options? When am I supposed to click this clicker button? Should I try one of those shock collars or maybe a vibration collar? The dog park sounds fun, but what if another dog attacks my dog?

What all of these questions boil down to are different training techniques, and the truth of it all is that each technique or style has pros and cons. The way we see it is that every dog and owner are different. What helps Jane and her pup reach their goals and dreams can be different then what John and his pup need to achieve similar results.  Our strategy is balanced. In any relationship, it is essential to have good communication. It is our belief that the relationship you have with your dog is only as good as the ability you both have to understand one another.

We all want our dogs to understand us, but it is just as vital that we know what our dogs are trying to tell us too. When choosing a trainer to help you build that two way street of communication, it is equally important to find one that communicates just as clearly with everyone participating.

Our training goal is to create happy, confident dogs and happy, confident owners. We want your relationship to build into a working, healthy, balanced relationship. In order for that to happen, your dog’s “needs” to be met just as much as your own. What dogs need in order to feel harmony and balance is socialization, they need to be provided with opportunities to think and problem solve. They need to be able to use their instincts and allowed to be dogs. If we force them to think or act like we as humans do, the effect on them is unnatural and unbalanced, sometimes even chaotic.

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Krissy at Upstate Dog Wizard is incredible!!! My extremely stubborn Maltese, Gryffin attended the 2 week board and train program at 11 months old. She struggled with separation anxiety, excessive barking, walking on a leash, respecting space and boundaries, and several other things. She returned from Krissy a completely changed dog! She is now able to “place” while I am eating dinner or doing other activities that used to be a pain because she would whine, paw, lick, and want to be right in my face for. We are able to go on walks where she no longer either pulls me forward or stops for prolonged periods of time to sniff the ground. She now does great during the day while I am at work. She is comfortable with the morning routine and happily goes into her pen when it is time for me to leave the house. There is so much to love about Krissy and her work with Gryffin but two things really stand out to me.

  1. It was obvious to me from the second I met her that this is not just a job for her. She has a huge heart for both dogs and their owners and is truly there to help. It has been almost  6 months since Gryffin’s training and Krissy is still very quick to respond to any questions I have via text and at group classes.
  2. She is honest!!! She was upfront from the beginning that the two week board and train would not be a magical fix for all of our problems and made it clear that training is lifelong. While Gryffin is completely different now than before she began training, she still has challenges and struggles that have to be worked on daily. Krissy was not afraid to be honest and to tell me things that I was unknowingly doing that were contributing to Gryffin’s challenges. She has helped me to be more confident in myself as I work with Gryffin and work on myself to create the best human/dog relationship possible!
Joann H.

Well, we decided to get not one but two Boxer puppies thinking that training would be no problem. HAHA!!! After a year of trying and spending money on a “trainer”, we were at our wits end. Then, we found Krissy at a booth in downtown Spartanburg, Spring Festival. Yes, we were skeptical at first but knew we had to get them trained. Krissy came to our home to evaluate the 2 little “wild” boxers, Max and Lola. She tells us they will train fine. So, we took a deep breath and said OK let’s get them set up to be boarded and trained.

When Max and Lola returned Hubby and I were shocked/speechless. After both spent 14 days with Krissy, they returned so behaved and NO more jumping on people. They took to our commands right away, especially when told to go to “place” and responding to the command “come”.

Max and Lola have now become so well behaved and even more enjoyable. Krissy knows how to work her “magic”.

Krissy proved that her training is worth every penny.

Carol O.

Krissy at Dog Wizard rescued our family from losing our dog, Zeke.  He would bolt out the door, jump up on everyone in the room & pull us around the yard.  After 2 weeks of training with Krissy, Zeke came home as a well behaved pet that listens to our commands & he very rarely needs to be on a leash.  She would post videos & we could view pictures of Zeke daily. The next lesson needed to be given to our entire family, so that we can be consistent with Zeke, no matter who’s taking him outside.  Not only that, but the tone of voice Krissy used to train Zeke, keeps our family from yelling at him & each other! I give Dog Wizard & Krissy 5 stars for helping us train & keep our family member, Zeke!

Angela H.