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Getting a new dog is an experience that can’t be matched. Once your new dog is home, you might realize that you need to work closely with the dog on their behavior. The Dog Wizard Tampa is ready to help you work with your dog so you can have the behavior you need.

Working with a Tampa dog trainer enables you to have a well-behaved dog that can become a valued member of your family. You can draw on the experienced trainer’s knowledge to address any issues that your dog has and help train the dog in the lessons you want it to learn.

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Dog Wizard Training Programs

We teach classes in a variety of formats, including:

What Does a Dog Need to Start Obedience Training?

Dogs will ideally start an obedience training program when they’re a puppy. This is a time when they’re the most receptive to the lessons they’re being taught. The Dog Wizard Tampa offers puppy programs that are perfect for your younger dog that is under the age of 6 months. .

We know it’s not always possible to start training a dog as a puppy. Whether you purchased or adopted an adult rescue dog or realized after the puppy phases that your dog needs some training, you can count on The Dog Wizard Tampa for assistance.

Why Should Your Dog Go Through Training Classes?

Every dog needs to have a basic understanding of commands. It needs to know how to listen to these and obey them, even when there are other things going on around it. Dogs need to be able to obey these so they can remain safe and so others around them can also be safe.

The dog trainer with The Dog Wizard Tampa will work with you to ensure your dog knows at least these commands:

  • Sit
  • Place
  • Come
  • Down
  • Off

These commands are often enough to help the dog remain safe. We work closely with you on these commands, with the dog on a loose leash at first. If you choose to work with your dog in the advanced professional dog training classes or have private training with your canine, you will work toward off leash reliability.

What Behavior Problems Are Addressed by Obedience Training?

There are many different behavior problems you can work on your dog so you can enjoy a well-behaved canine companion. By halting the problematic behaviors quickly during puppy training, you’ll be able to build a bond with your dog.

Our experienced dog trainers can help you with these troublesome behaviors, including:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Improper chewing
  • Nervousness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Food aggression
  • Generalized aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Inappropriate jumping
  • Lack of socialization

Behavioral issues won’t go away on their own. You’ll have to work with your dog to address these, and our trainers work with you to help you find the underlying reasons for the behaviors so you’re able to find suitable solutions. We can offer preventive and corrective activities to help with this. We know that it’s important to find out what works for your dog.

Why Should You Turn to The Dog Wizard Tampa for Obedience Training?

You can find a lot of advice on dog training. The methods you come across may vary some, but trying to use only one method might be counterproductive. Instead, you need to have a balanced training program if you want to have a dog that’s well behaved. The Dog Wizard Tampa knows you can’t use cookie-cutter solutions for dog training. We use a combination of preventive methods, positive reinforcement, and gentle corrections.

The Dog Wizard’s obedience program is based on helping the dog feel more confident. We do this through a variety of tasks during the training process. We also work closely on the communication between you and your dog so the dog knows it can trust you.

We also know that dogs have instincts they need to fulfill. We work on this by challenging your dog through measured stimulation. The enrichment activities we use help the dog remain happy and give the dog a way to expend its energy. This all provides the dog with more confidence, which can improve its obedience.

What Kinds of Training Does The Dog Wizard Tampa Offer?

The Dog Wizard Tampa offers comprehensive training options for your dog. All of these work together to ensure your dog is well-rounded. We want your dog to be a valued family pet.

We offer group obedience classes for puppies and dogs. These classes are a time for the dog to learn basic commands. They’re also a time for the dog to socialize with other dogs and learn how to obey commands even when there are distractions around.

We also offer private lessons in your home or at our facility. These are a chance for you to draw on the experience of the trainer to address specific behavior problems that are bothering you or your dog.

Because some dog owners aren’t able to commit to group classes or private lessons we also offer board and train classes. We keep your dog with us for 7, 14, or 21 days to provide intensive training. We follow up with a private lesson, as well as group lessons to shore up what your dog learns with us.

The Dog Wizard Tampa also offers lifetime support for dogs that successfully complete a training program. These opportunities are a time for us to help remind the dog of what it learned, and it’s a chance for us to enjoy the dogs we have gotten close to.

Contact The Dog Wizard in Tampa, Florida

Your dog’s journey toward being well-behaved can start right away. Give us a call at 813-464-2168 to get started today. The Dog Wizard Tampa is ready to help your dog with private lessons, basic obedience training, or a boarded training program. We proudly work with pet parents throughout the Tampa area, including Zephyrhills, Tampa Bay, Land O’Lakes, New Tampa, and Wesley Chapel.

Tyler is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable dog trainer that I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Ian K.
Tyler is amazing! Our Bruno has become a different dog since the first day we introduced him to Tyler and we always receive compliments on how well behaved he is when people come to the house.
Treena H.
I would highly recommend the Tampa Dog Wizard if you have a new puppy or an adult dog that may need training!
Corey R.