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Your new puppy is probably a great source of joy. Its antics likely make you laugh, but you’ll soon realize that you need to train your puppy on what behaviors are acceptable in your Florida home. Unfortunately, this can take a lot of time, and that might be difficult for a busy family.

The professionals at The Dog Wizard Tampa are here to help. We offer a board and train program to local residents. This enables our trainers to work with your dog in an intensive manner so the dog will have the basic obedience skills it needs to be a well-behaved family member.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

How Does Board and Train Help the Dog?

The training services the dog receives at our facility include basic obedience commands like sit, come and place, but the skills your dog learns go far beyond that. We work closely with your dog to teach it the confidence it needs to remain calm in a variety of situations.

When we’re training your dog during the 7, 14 or 21 days it’s with us, we work intensely on socialization skills. A well-socialized dog isn’t as likely to become stressed when confronted with a new place or object.

The training your dog receives takes place on a loose leash, so walking your dog will be easier when it comes home. Because our facility is a busy place, your dog will learn how to obey commands and listen even when there are distractions around.

We take your dog to various locations during its training time with us. This enables us to ensure it’s ready to handle specific situations. It also helps to boost its confidence so it’s less likely to have separation anxiety when you aren’t around.

Our professional dog trainers use positive reinforcement, preventive measures and gentle corrections to teach the dog what behaviors are acceptable. This multifaceted approach enables us to encourage every dog to be successful.

What Other Dog Training Programs Does The Dog Wizard Tampa Offer?

The Dog Wizard also offers private obedience training sessions and group classes. Some dog owners opt to use all three options, while others pick and choose what they feel is best for their situation.

Private lessons are ideal to help dog owners curb behavioral issues, such as dog aggression or excessive chewing. Our trainers can help you in your home, or you can come to our facility.

Group dog and puppy training classes keep up with your dog’s socialization and help it with skill reinforcement. Your dog can make new friends and learn new skills in these classes, and you can learn from other dog owners and share tips that have helped you.

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Our team is ready to work with your dog. Whether you need to enroll your dog in the board and train program or would like to learn more about our other obedience lessons, you can give us a call at 813-464-2168. We work with dog owners in Tampa and the surrounding areas. These include Tampa Bay, Land O’ Lakes, New Tampa, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills.

Find Dog Training in Tampa

For the best dog training in the greater Tampa area, The Dog Wizard is the only option. From obedience training to leash control, our trainers have the skills and experience necessary to help your dog reach their full potential.

We commonly offer dog training to the following communities:

  • Clearwater
  • Lakeland
  • Largo
  • St. Petersburg

Tyler is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable dog trainer that I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Ian K.
Tyler is amazing! Our Bruno has become a different dog since the first day we introduced him to Tyler and we always receive compliments on how well behaved he is when people come to the house.
Treena H.
Tyler is amazing! Our Bruno has become a different dog since the first day we introduced him to Tyler and we always receive compliments on how well behaved he is when people come to the house.
Treena H.
I would highly recommend the Tampa Dog Wizard if you have a new puppy or an adult dog that may need training!
Corey R.