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It’s not magic.

It’s dog training done right.

No one gets a dog anticipating problems in #city and our dog training experts can help!

We do not dream of our dog being hard to walk, destroying the sofa, or having aggression. We rather dream of leisurely walks, playing fetch, and lounging on a rainy day.

We are here to make that dream come true.

No matter if it is hyper, out of control behavior, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety, or helping your puppy start his life off right, we have just the program for you.

The trainers at The Dog Wizard are experienced in many different training methods, and constantly learning and expanding their trade through yearly seminars and shadow programs.  After a free evaluation, the trainer will educate you on the pros and cons of each method and make a professional recommendation regarding which style will produce the results you desire. 

The goal of any training program is to create a clear line of communication between the family and their dog.


Hard work, dedication to a change in rules and lifestyle for the dog, and consistency from everyone in the household will lead you to success. Changing bad behaviors, creating new habits, and working through social issues are at the core of each training program. 

Having a well trained dog is about giving yourself and your family the most freedom possible, knowing that you can rely on your companion to follow through with what is expected of them opens up possibilities that would otherwise be off the table. Give us a call today to see how we can help you explore these new possibilities!


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Tyler is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable dog trainer that I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Ian K.

Tyler is amazing! Our Bruno has become a different dog since the first day we introduced him to Tyler and we always receive compliments on how well behaved he is when people come to the house.

Treena H.

I would highly recommend the Tampa Dog Wizard if you have a new puppy or an adult dog that may need training!

Corey R.