The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

I had done a lot of research on dog trainers in the Orlando area. After a few interviews we choose Paul and couldn’t be happier with the outcome!! Al was having leash aggression on outdoor walks. Paul had a clear and decisive plan. He not only worked with Al he taught me how to work with him as well!! It has been such a joy to take All out relaxed and obedient!!!! We both enjoy our walks and are really thankful!!!

Yvette O.

AMAZING! Highly recommend!!

🌟 I looked into getting a trainer for my 7 year male old pit mix who had a history of aggression toward children and any time he was scolded for bad behavior. I got in touch with Orlando Dog Wizard at the end of May and started training the first week of June. Paul was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. From the day we started training and the end of our sessions my dog is a completely new dog!!!

I was at the point of trying to make the hardest decision and thinking about getting rid of my boy…. I was giving him one last chance to change his attitude, and Paul made that possible… In reality, Paul gave my boy a second chance…. I am forever thankful and will recommend him to anybody in the same situation…

Heather G.

Paul Arthurs trained my Golden Retriever…..and me, not only was it effective but it was joyful as well for myself and my best friend. The boarding of my Golden has made it possible to travel without the guilt. My dog is always happy, calm and well behaved when we return. Recommend training and boarding, excellent.

Avril J.

Paul has been such a lifesaver for me and my pup, Scamp. In short, the Orlando Dog Wizard has far exceeded my expectations of addressing aggressive behavioral issues allowing me and my dog to be so much happier and stress-free.

Before working with Paul, my anxious dog was becoming increasingly unpredictable and reacting dangerously. I avoided having guests over or traveling and boarding my dog because he would show fear aggression towards people and was leash reactive towards other dogs. I didn’t know where to turn, but I knew I needed some help because the issues were escalating.

Paul took the time to thoroughly evaluate the problems I was having and talk me through the training program before we began. Most of the other trainers I researched before finding the Orlando Dog Wizard wanted to immediately jump into a standard format and charge by lesson with no end goal in mind. I appreciated that this trainer wanted to take a more tailored approach by hearing about my dog’s needs and recommending a specific program.

After the evaluation, based on Paul’s recommendation I chose the Freedom program and I am so pleased with the results. The transformation from the first lesson until now (about 2 months later) is incredible. The training has implemented so much positive structure into my dog’s life. The Freedom program has allowed his confidence to develop and the fearful reactions have dramatically diminished and completely disappeared in most situations. My dog now walks confidently on a leash through crowded parks around other dogs, joggers, strangers just inches away from him without any reactivity. I am able to have people over and use the “place” command to allow my dog and guests to peacefully coexist. Scamp is also reliable off-leash which is an incredible bonus!

I have learned a lot along the way too about how to advocate for my dog in stressful, high-distraction situations that I would have previously just avoided with him. Paul’s patience working with me was also a huge part of this training’s success. The lessons were always thoroughly explained with lots of practice, and Paul was always easy to get in contact with between lessons when I had questions or other issues came up. He really went above and beyond for me and Scamp. You can tell he cares about helping dogs and people live better lives. My dog and I are so much happier as a result of this training program. You really can’t put a price on you and your furry best friend’s peace of mind. I am so incredibly grateful to Paul and the Orlando Dog Wizard!

Lili C.

Paul is seriously the best dog trainer we have ever used! He was an absolute miracle worker with our large Rhodesian Ridgeback, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul to anyone looking for a dog trainer!

Kyle S.

Paul, thank you so much for training our dog Maddie, and training us, too!  Before starting our in home lessons, our dog was always jumping at the door when we had guests over and was difficult to take on walks.  She is a completely different dog now, and she seems so much happier. We could tell Paul really cared about our dog. His training was compassionate and kind to our girl, and she never was fearful of her lessons.

We will recommend the Dog Wizard to anyone needing help with their dog.  Thanks again, Paul!

Heather N.

Paul is the best! You can 100% trust him with your dog. We have a very reactive dog and sent to the board and train with Paul. Paul helped not only our dog,  but us so much. We learned how to handle our pup so we could navigate the world around us. Our life is so much better after Paul. It’s been over a year now since our dog worked with Paul but we still text him anytime we have a question and he always responds. When we lived in the same city, our dog would always stay with Paul when we traveled. You cannot go wrong with Paul Arthurs and the Orlando Dog Wizard!!!

Tanya S.

Where do I start?  From the minute I talked to Paul on the phone I knew he was the one for us!  A couple of days later he came to our home and met our Lily and Putter. He was able to observe their behavior and talk to us about different plans.  Not only did he we feel confident in what he was talking about but we felt his compassion and devotion towards our babies. This is definitely not just a job for him but a passion.  We opted to board and train both of them.

Lily is our 3 year old.  She WAS completely out of control.  Lily had become quite aggressive and many times we couldn’t even walk past her without her growling and jumping at us.  I had been bitten by Lily a few times just putting her harness on her (drew blood once). Outside walking her had become more than a chore.  She would jump on anyone that came near us and then started barking and showing aggression towards outsiders as well. Lily was in full control of our home and lives.  I was at my end.

Putter is our 2 year old.  I was not planning on getting any training for Putter until my husband suggested it.  Putter’s issues WERE his walking me and showing aggression towards any other animals. Keep in mind that Putter is only 10lbs. but had no fear towards a 100lb. dog.  I had thought as long as I held on to him he would be fine. 

All in all both were out of control.  On the day Paul came to pick them up all I could do was cry and almost backed out (Thank God I didn’t).

Paul was amazing with keeping us updated on their progress.   Over the course of the 2 week training he would text us to let us know how they were and we received many pictures and videos. We always seemed to have questions (I have to admit now some were pretty silly).  Paul without hesitation answered all of them.

Lily and Putter are home and for the first time in a LONG time we are enjoying them.  The first couple of days we were a little nervous trying to maintain what they had learned but again Paul never let us down.  They tried to revert back to their old ways but Paul trained us as well! What we also really love is Paul is not done with us.  Not only is this a lifetime commitment for us but him as well.

Lily has showed no signs of aggression and has stopped jumping on everyone.  Putter no longer walks me and shows no aggression towards other animals. We are all so much calmer and happier now. They sit, stay, heel, place whenever asked.  They are receiving positive attention now and are loving it.

I can’t thank Orlando Dog Wizard enough for helping us make our home happy again.

Debby B.