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The Dog Wizard Orlando is aware of the numerous dog training philosophies out there, most claiming to have the fix-all solution for dog behavior issues, all creating the “perfect dog,” and all seemingly contradictory to each other. It can be overwhelming. One proposes the theory that only positive reinforcement should be used, while others believe that too much praise is counterproductive. While each method and theory can train a dog to understand expectations and what commands mean, very few philosophies have been proven to provide training that will withstand changes in circumstances, environment, and conditions that include distractions. Our dog training Orlando at The Dog Wizard can not wait to help you and your dog. 

Treats or no treats, collars or harnesses, toys or no toys, corrections or no corrections, electronic collars or no way? The truth often lies somewhere in the middle. Almost every training style, method, and philosophy out there has pros and cons. Our approach to training is simple. It takes a balanced technique to create a balanced dog. We believe your relationship with your dog is built upon you and your dog’s ability to understand each other, effective communication is key. The goal of our training is to create happy and confident dogs who know what we need from them and are happy to be part of a working and balanced relationship with their families.

We also strongly believe dogs have innate needs that must be met for them to feel content. This means dogs like to think, problem solve, socialize, and use their instincts. If not allowed to do this and forced to be a “human” it makes them act in ways that are not natural or balanced.We seek to show you just how vast the possibilities are for you and your beloved canine companion. Once you have the ability to do things with your reliable dog, you CAN and WILL do more things with your dog! They simply get to be more involved in every aspect of your life, always included instead of excluded.

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Paul is the best! You can 100% trust him with your dog. We have a very reactive dog and sent to the board and train with Paul. Paul helped not only our dog,  but us so much. We learned how to handle our pup so we could navigate the world around us. Our life is so much better after Paul. It’s been over a year now since our dog worked with Paul but we still text him anytime we have a question and he always responds. When we lived in the same city, our dog would always stay with Paul when we traveled. You cannot go wrong with Paul Arthurs and the Orlando Dog Wizard!!!

Tanya S.

Paul is seriously the best dog trainer we have ever used! He was an absolute miracle worker with our large Rhodesian Ridgeback, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul to anyone looking for a dog trainer!

Kyle S.

We recently adopted a 2-year old Old English Sheepdog to go along with our 6-year old Labradoodle.  With the excitement of a young dog in a new home it was definitely time to get them trained. We sent them to Paul for two weeks and upon their return they were like new dogs, both trained and happier.  Paul taught the dogs, and us, that dogs really like discipline and structure. Now when we need them to “place” so we can have dinner, they aren’t sitting at our feet waiting for food. Walking them is so much more enjoyable as well and the entire family, both dogs included, are a much happier bunch.  We would STRONGLY RECOMMEND Paul and the Olando Dog Wizard.

Corky T.