Go More Places. Enjoy More Activities. Have More Freedom.

Imagine being able to do the things you’ve always wanted with a well-behaved, social, and obedient sidekick, your dog!

Ensure Long-Term Success for Your New Puppy

Everything’s a game when you’re a puppy, even training. Learn how to build confidence with control for your new family member.

Have Peace of Mind When You Leave Home

“You’re my best friend” said every dog ever about their owner. Eliminate your dog’s stress & anxiety when leaving home

Take Relaxed Walks Without Pulling

It’s way more fun for both you and your dog when walking with a loose leash. You set the pace.

Bring Your Dog to More Public Places

Friends, Food, and Fun is the name of the game. Enjoy more stress-free experiences together.

Enjoy Group Play at the Park

Let your dog join the pack, doing what they do best, sniffin’ & socializing.

Get Attention for all the Right Reasons

Be able to reward your dog with more freedom & experiences you can enjoy together.

Professional Dog Trainers in Worthington

Tailoring Canine Etiquette in Worthington: A Symphony of Suburban Charm in the Heart of Columbus Metro!

Welcome to Worthington, where the vibrant energy of farmers markets, the allure of charming downtown boutiques, and the shared love for our four-legged companions create a unique tapestry. As a devoted dog owner in this close-knit enclave, you understand the importance of cultivating a well-behaved and socially adept canine companion.

What Sets The Dog Wizard Apart for Dog Training in Worthington?

  • Parks and Green Havens: Worthington’s scenic parks, such as Olentangy Parklands and McCord Park, serve as more than backdrops—they become integral to our outdoor training sessions. Our programs uniquely combines the natural beauty while harnessing your dog’s social skills.
  • Residential Warmth: Worthington isn’t just a town; it’s a community where dogs aren’t just pets but cherished members. Our training programs delve beyond individual skills, we nurture dogs that seamlessly contribute to the rich fabric of the neighborhood.
  • Educational Heritage: Embracing the town’s commitment to education, our dog training programs enrich your furry friend’s knowledge and behavior. From basic obedience to advanced commands providing off leash freedom, our approach aligns with Worthington’s ethos of lifelong learning.
  • Stroll-Friendly Streets: The walkable allure of Worthington enhances the joy of dog ownership. Our leash manners training (aka foundations program) ensures your dog becomes the ideal walking companion, adding to the delight of exploring these neighborly streets.
  • Farmers Markets Delight: Picture your well-mannered pup accompanying you through the bustling sidewalks of the Worthington Farmers Market, greeting neighbors, and reveling in the aroma of fresh produce. Our training ensures your dog embodies the charm of this local tradition.
  • Charming Downtown Strolls: Downtown Worthington, with its boutique shops and sidewalk cafes like Le Chateaulaine, provides the perfect backdrop for refining your dog’s manners. Our training program prepares your pup to be a well-behaved companion.

Our Approach to Dog Training in Worthington:

  • Personalized Training: Just as each corner of Worthington has its unique charm, our trainers understand that every dog is distinctive. Tailoring techniques for optimal success ensures a harmonious fit within the town’s tapestry.
  • Positive Reinforcement: In line with the positive community vibes of Worthington, we champion the power of positive reinforcement through our work for food techniques. Our training methods create an enjoyable atmosphere where learning is not just instructive but also rewarding, forging a profound bond between you and your furry companion.
  • Community Integration: Beyond individual sessions, our goal extends to creating dogs that seamlessly integrate into the Worthington community. A visit to a local café, a friendly encounter at the market, or a downtown stroll—your dog becomes a well-mannered and welcomed presence.

Join Us in Crafting Polished Pooches and Strengthening Community Bonds in Worthington!

Are you ready to witness your dog’s metamorphosis into a well-mannered, confident, and happy companion within the unique tapestry of Worthington? Reach out today, and let’s embark on this fulfilling journey together!

Our Location

When it comes to top-notch dog training in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding suburbs, look no further than The Dog Wizard Columbus. Our team is your go-to choice for comprehensive training, from mastering obedience, to perfecting leash control, and off leash freedom. We have the expertise and experience required to help your dog become the best version of themselves.

Our services extend to various communities, including:

Dublin: Whether your dog loves the Scioto River, Glacier Ridge Metro Park, or the local mixed use space living of Bridgepark, we’re here to make sure they’re well-behaved and well-trained.

Hilliard: From Homestead Park, to the Heritage Rail Trail, the amazing home growth in new build construction communities, Hilliard is a fantastic place for you and your dog. Let us help your furry friend become a courteous companion.

New Albany: With its picturesque landscapes, award winning schools, and dog-friendly neighborhoods and suburban boutiques, New Albany is the perfect backdrop for dog training excellence.

Olentangy (Powell and Lewis Center): The scenic beauty of Olentangy Wildlife Area (High Banks Metro Park and Shale Hollow) and plethora of sports parks, your community begs for a well-behaved dog by your side. Our training will make it happen.

Upper Arlington and Grandview: Upper Arlington’s charming streets and parks along with the city re-development of The Yard in Grandview more recently, make this area of Columbus an ideal place for your dog to shine with their newly acquired skills. Enjoy the best of charm and elegance in these two close city suburbs.

No matter where you and your dog call home in the Columbus metro area, we’re here to make training a rewarding experience. Join The Dog Wizard family, and let’s unlock your dog’s full potential together. As always, we are a commitment to you and your family for life, not just while you are in our active training programs.

We commonly offer dog training to the following communities:

Why Dog Wizard?

Our training is not just about teaching behaviors (Sit, Come, Down). Instead, we believe in teaching your dog how to make better choices and how to listen to us instead of their impulses.

Of course we teach your dogs all of the basic obedience and commands you will need to communicate with them, but we also teach them how to be engaged and to follow through with these commands even in the most distracting of environments. What good is the “Come” command if it does not work when you need your dog to come because he is running after a squirrel into the path of a car!?

We believe in refining your dog’s comprehension of obedience so that it becomes a way of life for them, not just a few tricks they can show off when they are in the mood.

Lifetime Support

Owning a Dog is Life Time Commitment…

That’s why we not only teach your dog the skills it needs to be well-behaved, but we will give you, your spouse, your kids, and anyone else in your family all the tools necessary to maintain a long, healthy, and happy relationship with your new and improved family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! You’ll see that you get to enjoy your dog’s true personality more when you can do things together as a team. Through this strengthened relationship, you’ll find you’ll be able to do more together, regulate certain behaviors, and enjoy more quality time together.

No dog is too old for training, however beginning training at a young age sets the stage for a well-behaved dog for years to come. Regardless of age, all dogs benefit by having structure, boundaries, and cognitive exercises that help keep them happy, healthy, and younger than their years. Unless your dog has a medical condition, or adversely affected to basic exercise we can find a program to meet their needs.

No! At the end of the day, we like to think of these things as a distraction for the dog to work through, but it does require consistency in training to reach your goals.
We train dogs of any size and breed.
We like to do a full assessment of your dog and ensure we have a true understanding of your goals, both for the dog, and for yourself. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and would rather tailor a program that meets your specific needs and desires.
We are balanced dog trainers. We like to pair our training style to the unique needs of the dog in front of us. We have many tools in our belts and not every dog requires the same protocols. We’ll provide a solution that best fits the ultimate goals you have in mind for both you and your dog.
That depends on the dog and the situation. We use pressure and release techniques utilizing transitional slip leads, pinch collars, and remote-collars. These tools, when used properly are very effective to achieve training goals with the least amount of stress on the dog.

That depends on your lifestyle and your goals for your pup. You’ll get fantastic results either way with us, but the in home sessions will require more of a time commitment from you than the board and train. During the free evaluation, a trainer will help you determine the best program for you and your pup.