The proof is in the pudding. When it comes to dog training, anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modifications work for the owner (when the dog trainer is not there). And, most importantly, we make sure that your they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our Dog Wizard hat on. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Tara does such a great job with our dog, Sunday! Tara is so very patient and has helped our dog overcome many fears and has taught us how to work with her as new fears become evident. Sunday’s confidence is so good now, and she is so much easier to walk and to take in public.  In just a few lessons, our dog is social and obedient, and we have the tools to continue her training. Thank you to Tara and Greenville Dog Wizard!

Liz F.

Tara and her team were able to train my rescue dog Trooper who had a serious fear aggression after being hit by a car. Trooper did not allow anyone near him other than myself and the woman who originally rescued him. Tara and her team were able to help Trooper overcome his fear of people and the world. He now knows that not everyone is going to hurt him. Tara not only helped Trooper, she helped me. Trooper was able to become certified after training and is now my ESA Dog. I would recommend The Greenville Dog Wizard for all training needs!

Jessica M.

Tara has done an amazing job with our dog.  He was in a program at another trainer for 5 months in NC and when he came home from that he still could not even walk on a leash.  After only 2 weeks with Tara it is amazing what he can do. Not just walking on a leash but staying where he is told while my 2 year old is running around with a ball when just weeks earlier he was trampling over her.  It is wonderful the transformation that has happened in just a short time and I can not wait to see what will happen next as he keeps improving. Thank You so much Tara is really a life changer and a life savior.

Lou L.

Tara blew us away with her knowledge and completely helped transform our Cain from being shy to a much more confident dog. It’s obvious that she cares about the dogs in her care and we are so glad that we decided to take part in class! There is so much support throughout the program and she was quick to respond to our questions. You will not be disappointed.

Lauren H.

It’s a great place for Kenneling Your Family Pet It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Local Or Not. So If You Are Going Out Of Town Going South You Might Want To Kennel Your Pets Here I Would Highly Recommend It So Give Them A Call. Very Friendly Staff .When You Can Get The Best Why Go Anywhere Else.

Jerry C.

Tara & Damien from the Dog Wizard in Greenville are incredible! They are fantastic not only with dogs but in communicating with the owners. Tara is very quick in responding to questions and text messages. Damien has a way with dogs that respond very well to him. He is firm (in a loving way) and the patience as he has displayed in working with Taco.

Before training Taco jumped up and nipped, did counter surfing, showed some food aggression, and some territory aggression. When Taco left for 14 days of training I was shocked at what he’d learned….what a turn around. He came home a well behaved pup but then the training started with me. I am learning the commands & to be consistent with him. Having Tara and Damien available for follow up training & Saturday group classes are a huge plus! It’s a great way to socialize & meet other dogs & their parents. I couldn’t be any happier!

Ellison W.