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When most people get their first pup, they dream about unlimited cuddles from a calm and loving furry family member that never barks at people in the park or pulls on its leash. The reality of the situation is that it takes a lot of work to create a well-behaved dog. While each dog has a unique personality and inclinations, it’s up to the owner to instill the sort of behavior you want them to have.

Let’s face it — most people have such busy lives, it’s hard to dedicate the time necessary to provide high-level training to a puppy, adult dog, or rescue dog. At The Dog Wizard, we adore helping Lexington clients and their furry friends to get the most out of life and each other’s company.

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Dog Wizard Training Programs

We teach classes in a variety of formats, including:

We Love Helping Pet Parents!

Every member of the team here is passionate about pooches, and we go over and above to ensure the training we give is more than just a gimmick. It’s easy to teach dogs tricks, but we go the extra mile and help them understand obedience as a long-term strategy that benefits them.

We assess each dog on an individual basis and use tried and tested training methods that are best suited to their individual needs. No two dogs in Kentucky are the same, and our dog training programs reflect this.

In addition to Frankfort, Kentucky, we offer our dog training services to these areas:

  • Lexington
  • Louisville
  • Georgetown
  • Nicholasville
  • Versailles
  • And the surrounding areas nearby…

What Does Dog Training Include?

Our aim is to make sure that the pooches in our care understand how to behave in ways that maximize their happiness. Dogs are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures, and small nuances in their lives can have a big impact on how they experience the world.

The team here is trained and experienced in helping people’s beloved dogs become confident, considerate, and happy. We also realize that it’s crucial for you, the owner, to know how to continue to reinforce good behavior and live together as joyfully as possible.

In many cases, we recommend group classes to guarantee proper socialization and an increased number of learning opportunities for pet parents. We offer a range of class styles, including group and private sessions, which we’ll outline later on. Some of the solutions our training programs address include:

Obedience Training

From basic obedience to advanced obedience, we have classes that start at the beginner level and work up to expert. You can’t overestimate the value of teaching a dog basic commands, leash walking, off-leash training, and how to behave at the groomers. These sessions help you train your pooch, with you picking up essential knowledge as you go.


Many issues with aggression are due to a simple lack of socialization — whether that’s around fellow canines or humans. Instincts and lack of stimulation account for some of the other reasons a dog might lash out, but the good news is that we can help change this. Our team of doggy behavior enthusiasts will locate the cause of the problem and help you make the necessary changes.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety affects a huge percentage of domestic pooches, and it has a wide number of causes that are often beyond the pet parent’s control. Dogs are highly social pack animals, so if they haven’t learned to cope with the stress of being alone, they could act out in a number of ways. Our team can help your dog find peace so it can thrive while being alone.


Socialization is one of the most common causes of a dog that lashes out or acts in fear. If it’s spent a majority of time around the same people, it’s unlikely to warm to strangers. Likewise, if it only spends time with the same dogs, it’ll be hostile towards unknown doggy pals. We can help your dog get enthusiastic and appropriately excited about meeting new people and furry friends.

Problem Solving

We know that it’s crucial for pet parents to know that there are almost always reasons underlying unwanted behavior such as biting, chewing, barking, digging, jumping, and destroying furniture. No matter what they’re doing, it’s possible to turn that bad behavior around and into a positive one.

Rehab for Kentucky Rescue Dogs

No matter what a dog has been through in its life or how bad its behavior has become, every pooch deserves a peaceful life. As abrasive and unpleasant as unwanted behavior can be for us, it’s even more unbearable for the pup itself. Acting in aggressive, anxious, or uncontrolled ways can make a dog’s life incredibly difficult to navigate. Our loving team of experts knows how to help even the most distressed dog change its ways.

“We left our two big boys here for a week. They posted pictures on Facebook of our guys playing and even showed a video of our Black Lab swimming and dock diving! The facility is very well run and the staff is great, even during this pandemic.”
Bill B.
“They are professional and caring individuals who take a sincere interest in the care of each and every dog. Rosie loves the time she gets to spend at Tin Woof Inn and our family knows with confidence that she is taken care of at all times. My family highly recommends”
Dog Owner

“The staff took great care of our dogs while we were away. They took photos and sent them to us so we could see they were happy and well cared for. I recommend them.”

Bush H.