The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Jonathon W. AvatarJonathon W.

We loved taking our Duke Sulver here.
Sarah was amazing. These 5 classes set us up for great success with our Boykin Spaniel & we've already seen rapid improvement. Great price, professionalism, & support. - 8/03/2022 

Kelly S. AvatarKelly S.

We had the best experience with Sarah in the Foundations Class! Our rescue dog was almost starting at zero with training and he’s a completely different dog after just five weeks. He loves “working” for his food and the class furthered our relationship with him. We recommend this class to everyone. - 7/30/2022 

Danielle V. AvatarDanielle V.

Sarah is amazing! My pup and I LOVED the puppy class and continued with private lessons once he transitioned out of puppy school. We feel like Charleston Dog Wizard and Sarah are family to us and we are so excited to attend their lifetime support classes. 💯 recommend. - 5/05/2022 

Miriam J. AvatarMiriam J.

- 4/19/2022 

Elicia Z. AvatarElicia Z.

Best thing I could have done for my pup! - 6/23/2021 

Madison C. AvatarMadison C.

Ive had an amazing experience with The Dog Wizard. I would highly recommend to anyone considering some training for their dog(s). I was worried our dog had such bad anxiety that she would never be ok around other humans, but sure enough Kaitie helped her gain the confidence she was lacking within only 5 sessions. I was in shock and so very thrilled with her quick progress!!! Kaitie is so very friendly and professional. She provided us with all the information we need to make sure our little Millie continues to succeed. We can’t thank her enough!! - 6/23/2021 

Codi W. AvatarCodi W.

I would recommend them to anyone with a dog that is really any behavioral issues. Our trainer was Katie and she was exceptional! She was great from day one and our dog was terrified of people when anyone came over. However, since we started this training our dog stepped out of her shell completely with Katie and played and was her crazy self. It was honestly amazing to see and I’m going to use these same techniques on all my dogs moving forward. - 6/23/2021 

Anne G. AvatarAnne G.

We were looking for last minute training for our puppy while visting Charleston and Charleston Dog Wizards were super accomdating. Kaitie was an awesome trainer - very professional and caring with our excitable pup. I felt like we learned great basic techiques and hope to work with Kaitie again during our next visit. - 4/30/2021 

phil f. Avatarphil f.

They do amazing work with dogs. - 3/28/2021 

Kelly S. AvatarKelly S.

JR/Charleston Dog Wizard is truly a Wizard with our dog, a Rottweiler. We contacted him when she was a puppy and we chose JR to puppy train our dog because of his knowledge, his demeanor, his interaction with our children and his belief that the whole family can be involved in training, and certainly his interaction with our dog Ginger. JR had Ginger for maybe 2 weeks and she came back such a nicely behaved puppy! The time he spent with us on her return was invaluable and he included all 5 of our children actively and lovingly into the training. His patience is never ending with both humans and dogs! We had a few follow up lessons as well as 24/7 access to him....and he actually means 24/7. I sent him a text late evening once and he returned the message even though I had expected him to not return the message until the next day! We have now sent her to be with JR to learn her adult off leash manners. He is an exceptional dog (and human) trainer. Ginger and JR really have such a nice relationship. It is clear to us that she respects and adores JR. He has high expectations for himself and the dogs he trains. You simply cannot go wrong with JR/Charleston Dog Wizard!! He stands behind everything he says and does. Hire him! - 5/28/2020 

John G. AvatarJohn G.

- 5/28/2020 

Adneema N. AvatarAdneema N.

- 5/28/2020 

Gottfried B. AvatarGottfried B.

We have 3 small breed dogs who are really good until...the doorbell rings, the UPS truck drives by (or is within a 20 mile radius of the house) or someone dares to walk on the street, then all bets are off as to the level of chaos that occurs. That used to be something we could "handle" on a day to day basis back in our old neighborhood, but since moving to Charleston, these trigger events are a constant occurence in our new neighborhood, and the chaos at our house had us really frustrated with our dogs. We reached out to Charleston Dog Wizard because we knew we needed professional guidance and they did not disappoint! We started working with JR on June 4 and completed the small group class (5 classes in total) at the end of June. We saw results starting in the very first class and with daily practice, we no longer have the chaos in our house we once had. JR taught us, the humans, how to be better dog handlers and we then used those skills to guide our dogs on how we want them to behave in different situations.On July 1, we took all three dogs to the Charleston RiverDogs dog night at the park game, something we would have never dreamed of attempting before, and it was a huge success - the person sitting behind us even complemented us on how well behaved our dogs were! - 5/28/2020 

Kelly E. AvatarKelly E.

JR's training at Charleston Dog Wizard was life changing for our family. He taught us everything about our dogs behavior and why they act the way they do. We have learned how to be in control while allowing our dog freedom at the same time. JR is very positive in his instruction and training. He is also very respectful and not only communicates well but was never late to an appointment. He encourages the whole family to be involved in the training as our 8 year old learned how to walk our full grown dog. We have an Alaskan Malamute that loves to run and she can now be an off leash dog in our very busy neighborhood without any stress or fear of her curiosity getting the best of her and bolting in front of a car or chasing squirrels. We HIGHLY recommend JR and The Charleston Dog Wizard! - 5/28/2019 

melissa t. Avatarmelissa t.

John Shun Wolf, the Charleston Dog Wizard, is simply amazing! In three short weeks of Doggie Camp, he transformed our fun-loving but very rambunctious Willow into a well behaved, obedient active listener. Family training was as much fun as it was informative. We love JR and his team! Please check him out for all of your dog training needs! - 5/28/2018 

Bos V. AvatarBos V.

John is amazing with dogs. I strongly recommend his team to everyone looking to set boundaries for happier relationships. - 5/28/2018 

David M. AvatarDavid M.

Been working with them for years and we are still learning. - 5/28/2018 

Michael D. AvatarMichael D.

- 5/28/2018 

Lisa R. AvatarLisa R.

The Charleston Dog Wizard is amazing. We have struggled for many years with our large dog and his "other" dog excitement/anxiety. We have worked with The Dog Wizard program for all of our basic obedience training and we feel very comfortable with our mastery of the basics, but we never have quite cleared this particular hurdle with Barney. The biggest benefit of this program is the ongoing support, whether it is a tune up refresher of basic manners or addressing a specific problem area. Jon and his staff are incredibly attuned to your dog's specific personality traits and dysfunctional coping behaviors to help your pup overcome these "negatives" and be successful. They also are extremely adept at "training" dog owners to be successful in communicating with their dogs. The idea being that the most important aspect of training is the relationship between the family and the dog. We still have work to do to overcome this hurdle but I am confident that with Jon's guidance and support and instruction, we will absolutely be successful in guiding Barney to healthier and more appropriate behavior.We couldn't be more pleased with our ongoing experience and Jon's unparalleled commitment to dogs and their families. - 5/28/2018 

Keith B. AvatarKeith B.

Dog Wizard's are the best if you want to have your dog trained. My 4 year old beagle sharpei mix was horrible on the leash, aggressive towards any and all dogs and was not getting on with my infant son. Off for two week boot camp with the wizards and she came back a completely different dog. Great on the leash, goes to doggy daycare with no issues at all and let's my two and a half year old son walk her and give her treats. Noelle is great and all of the staff truly love what they do. Highly recommend! - 5/28/2016