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It’s not magic.

It’s dog training done right.

No one gets a dog anticipating ALL the problems.

None of us dream, that our dog would be hard to walk, destroying the sofa, or being aggressive and scary. We rather day-dream of leisurely walks (off-leash), playing fetch, and lounging on a rainy day.

We are here to help achieve that desirable dream.

If your pup is hyper, invasively rude, aggressive, nervous-skittish, prone to separation anxiety, or starting his life off right with housebreaking and boundaries, we have just the program for you.

There are many training philosophies and most have their merit. At The Dog Wizard we know there is one thing all trainers and dog-owners can agree on; no one gets a dog anticipating severe problems or issues. Because our dogs give us so much, it is imperative that the training process to address behaviors must reflect the unconditional and non-judgemental love that correlates truly with the phrase “Man’s Best Friend”. Dogs are actually complex thinkers and processors, so with a high number of dog related issues in the world, a lot of opinions have formed. Treats or no treats, collars or harnesses, toys or no toys, corrections or no corrections, electronic collars or no way?

Truth is, almost every training style, method, and philosophy out there has pros and cons, ups and downs. We will utilize the best approach for “Your Dog” within the Dog Wizard system. We teach and Use the best equipment on the market, as well as proven tested techniques to Educate owners on how to create balanced homes and well- balanced dogs.  Teaching the dog-owners to communicate clearly is a must. As in any relationship, good communication is key, along with structure, boundaries and FUN! We believe your relationship with your dog is hinged on you and your dog’s ability to understand each other well. No more grunting and over repeating yourself. No more confusion for your pup and no more frustration for You.

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JR (John Wolf)The Charleston Dog Wizard,… is truly a Wizard with our dog, a Rottweiler. We contacted him when she was a puppy and we chose JR to puppy train our dog because of his knowledge, his demeanor, his interaction with our children and his belief that the whole family can be involved in training, and certainly his interaction with our dog Ginger. JR had Ginger for maybe 2 weeks (puppy homefront option) and she came back such a nicely behaved puppy! The time he spent with us on her return was invaluable and he included all 5 of our children actively and lovingly into the training. His patience is never ending with both humans and dogs! We had a few follow up lessons as well as 24/7 access to him….and he actually means 24/7. I sent him a text late evening once and he returned the message even though I had expected him to not return the message until the next day! We have now sent her to be with JR (adult homefront option) to learn her adult off leash manners. He is an exceptional dog (and human) trainer. Ginger and JR really have such a nice relationship. It is clear to us that she respects and adores JR. He has high expectations for himself and the dogs he trains. You simply cannot go wrong with JR/Charleston Dog Wizard!! He stands behind everything he says and does. Hire him!!

Kelly S. and Family

Our Yorkie Max was 7 lbs of dog and 100 lbs of sheer terror. Biting, jumping, peeing, pooping, and he never SHUT UP!!!!. We’d finally had enough and were seriously considering taking him to the shelter. 

Then we heard about JR(John Wolf) at Charleston Dog Wizard. After a couple of weeks Max quit pooping in the house, only jumps up when invited, and is quiet ALL NIGHT LONG! Plus, he comes when he’s called. If Max wasn’t micro-chipped I’d have sworn he switched dogs with us! We were so impressed, we adopted another dog and our first call was to the Dog Wizard for training.

Both our dogs are now the best behaved in the neighborhood, and are a joy to have around.I refer to JR not as the Dog Wizard, but the Dog Exorcist, because before he met them our dogs were clearly demon possessed and now they’re little angels (well…at least as close as a dog can be to an angel).


Madison and Brandi G.

The Charleston Dog Wizard has been a lifesaver for my reactive pup. JR(John) truly understands animal behavior and the motivations behind it. He uses that knowledge to channel my dog’s energy into positive learning experiences. Our training sessions have shaped my dog into a completely different animal! For so long I kept my pup isolated for fear of how he would react to the world. With The Charleston Dog Wizard’s guidance and techniques I am now able to walk my dog in public settings with full confidence. Not only does JR build up the dog’s confidence, but he does so for the owner as well. His techniques are easy to understand and simple enough that anyone can practice and implement them on their own once a session is over. Everyone at The Charleston Dog Wizard is friendly and eager to assist their clients. I cannot recommend The Charleston Dog Wizard highly enough!

Julie M.