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Dog Training in Charleston, South Carolina

For most people, bringing a new dog into the family comes with images of cuddles, long walks, and lots of love. While all of this is true, it’s not the full story. A new dog is also a lot of work; along with playtime and cuddles, you have to address any behavior problems that pop up to make sure your dog grows into a respectful, kind adult. Understandably, not everybody has the time to work with their dog every day and accomplish this. That’s why The Dog Wizard is here to help. 

At The Dog Wizard in Charleston, South Carolina, we approach dog training with an open mind. Our dog trainers understand that no two dogs are the same and will craft a unique approach for each owner and their pet, taking into account your unique, individual needs. We adore dogs, and our mission is to make sure every dog is left feeling happy, healthy, and obedient.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

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Dog training is more than just instilling basic obedience and commands into your dog. It’s about strengthening the relationship between dog and dog owner, and making sure your dog trusts your commands and listens to you above all else. At the end of the day, you need your dog to trust your judgment over their own natural instincts. You know what’s best for your pet, and it’s important that your pet listens, especially when safety and security is a concern.

We go above and beyond when it comes to training. Our training programs use proven methods, and they’re unique to each pet parent. While we might address similar behavioral problems throughout training sessions, our approach is never the same. We understand that every dog is different, which is why we adapt to meet you and your dog’s needs. 

In addition to Charleston, South Carolina, we offer our dog training services to these areas:

  • North Charleston
  • Folly Beach
  • Kiawah Island
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Summerville
  • Johns Island
  • And the surrounding areas nearby…

What Does Dog Training Include?

Our goal is to work with both owner and pet to achieve behavior modification, all while taking into account your dog’s abilities and capabilities. We want your dog to listen to you, but we want them to be happy doing so.

Our experienced dog trainers value patience, teamwork, and acceptance when it comes to enhancing your dog’s behavior. We approach training with one main goal in mind: to get you and your dog to live together as happily as possible. This requires your dog to be able to listen and trust you, which takes time and work to achieve. We’ll never rush your dog or push it past its boundaries; we create a safe space that keeps your pet comfortable while they are  learning. By the end of our sessions, you’ll leave with a more obedient dog, and your relationship with your pet will be stronger. 

Your training plan is completely dependent on your training goals. We offer both private and group classes, as well as puppy training and board and train programs. Classes address a wide range of issues, from instilling basic commands addressing common behavioral problems like socialization and separation anxiety. You can learn more about these individual classes and what they have to offer through our site. Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation consult with one of our trainers!

Our Programs

The Charleston Dog Wizard,… is truly a Wizard with our dog, a Rottweiler. We contacted them when she was a puppy and we chose The Dog Wizard to puppy train our dog because of their knowledge, their demeanor, their interaction with our children and their belief that the whole family can be involved in training, and certainly their interaction with our dog Ginger. The Dog Wizard had Ginger for maybe 2 weeks (puppy homefront option) and she came back such a nicely behaved puppy! The time they spent with us on her return was invaluable and they included all 5 of our children actively and lovingly into the training. Their patience is never ending with both humans and dogs! We had a few follow up lessons as well as 24/7 access to them….and they actually mean 24/7. I sent them a text late evening once and they returned the message even though I had expected them to not return the message until the next day! We have now sent her to be with The Dog Wizard (adult homefront option) to learn her adult off leash manners. They are an exceptional dog (and human) trainer. Ginger and The Dog Wizard really have such a nice relationship. It is clear to us that she respects and adores them. They have high expectations for themselves and the dogs they train. You simply cannot go wrong with The Charleston Dog Wizard!! They stand behind everything they say and do. Hire them!!

Kelly S. and Family

Our Yorkie Max was 7 lbs of dog and 100 lbs of sheer terror. Biting, jumping, peeing, pooping, and he never SHUT UP!!!!. We’d finally had enough and were seriously considering taking him to the shelter. 

Then we heard about the Charleston Dog Wizard. After a couple of weeks Max quit pooping in the house, only jumps up when invited, and is quiet ALL NIGHT LONG! Plus, he comes when he’s called. If Max wasn’t micro-chipped I’d have sworn he switched dogs with us! We were so impressed, we adopted another dog and our first call was to the Dog Wizard for training.

Both our dogs are now the best behaved in the neighborhood, and are a joy to have around.I refer to them not as the Dog Wizard, but the Dog Exorcist, because before he met them our dogs were clearly demon possessed and now they’re little angels (well…at least as close as a dog can be to an angel).


Madison and Brandi G.

The Charleston Dog Wizard has been a lifesaver for my reactive pup. They truly understand animal behavior and the motivation behind it. They use that knowledge to channel my dog’s energy into positive learning experiences. Our training sessions have shaped my dog into a completely different animal! For so long I kept my pup isolated for fear of how he would react to the world. With The Charleston Dog Wizard’s guidance and techniques I am now able to walk my dog in public settings with full confidence. Not only do they build up the dog’s confidence, but he does so for the owner as well. Their techniques are easy to understand and simple enough that anyone can practice and implement them on their own once a session is over. Everyone at The Charleston Dog Wizard is friendly and eager to assist their clients. I cannot recommend The Charleston Dog Wizard highly enough!

Julie M.