Dog training reviews are the heart and soul of any dog training business.  The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there).  And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials and dog training reviews to hang our dog wizard hat on. Nothing is greater in the dog training business than a client referring you to one of their friends.  The Dog Wizard Wilmington takes our clients satisfaction very seriously, so feel free to read through any and all of our dog training reviews.

The Wilmington Dog Wizard and in particular Shelby, saved my relationship with my Australian Cattle Dog Indigo. Prior to Indigo going to a 3 week Board and train program he had no manners, was not getting along with our other dogs and was not able to coexist in our house. He was not able to live his best life and was not able to experience the world. This training program was revolutionary. I can walk Indigo off leash in my neighborhood and public places and know I have total control.

He is extremely obedient now and loves been tasked to show off the great skills he learned. There is no buyer’s remorse with this program. If you are debating, do it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Wilmington Dog Wizard for changing our lives!

Breann D.

Wilmington Dog Wizard changed me and my dog’s life! My dog dealt with stress and anxiety that overwhelmed both of our lives. With the help with WDW, we have regained our lives! My dog has so much confidence now! People who have known Zoey for a very long time are still completely shocked by her new found confident levels. The support classes are a fantastic opportunity every week to refine and practice our skills. The trainers are so supportive and are always there for questions, encouragement, and to celebrate goals achieved!

Delaney R.

Puppy school was an excellent foundation in training for our wire-haired pointing griffon, Baxter! It covered all the foundational puppy skills – exposure, socialization, basic skills, leash walking, and puppy problems like chewing and potty training. I love that the trainers are educated in various methods of dog training and will customize to your dogs’ needs. They do lend towards positive reinforcement, which I appreciate and is definitely what Baxter responds best to, but they will pull in other methods as needed. Highly recommend WDW for all training needs.

Amanda G.

Wilmington Dog Wizard is absolutely the best dog training in Wilmington.  They have a variety of programs to fit each dog & owners needs and budget.  We enrolled Coco our Boston Terrier in the “off leash freedom program”… and we could not be more pleased. Coco is a happy dog and so are we… it is without reservation that I highly recommend The Wilmington Dog Wizard to anyone!  It’s well worth the investment … once you graduate you become part of a big family of like minded dog owners!  You can choose to participate in Dog socials and pac walks its great. Shelby and Lauren are like family they love Coco just like we do.  We have used their boarding service and knew Coco would come home better.

Ricardo A.

I sent my two American Pit Bull Terriers to training with Shelby and Lauren, and it literally changed my life.  Before training, I spent many a day crying out of frustration because I couldn’t control my pups. Now I am able to have company over and enjoy walks with two obedient, happy boys!  Both my dogs and I have better quality of life now.  Shelby and Lauren continue to be great assets and answer all of my questions from training to nutrition.  I would sell a kidney if I had to in order to pay for this. It is worth every penny and will change your life!

Faith W.

I want to start off by saying just how thankful I am to WDW  for everything they have done for me. I brought them a headstrong, sassy, dog/people/territory/food reactive 8 month old Australian Shepherd and after having just the On-Leash class, I have seen such a huge improvement! They not only teach you skills and methods to teach your pup, but they also help you to grow and maintain a deeper connection and companionship with them! Also, they are more than willing to go out of their way to answer your questions and honestly with how fast they respond it can really help to ease your mind. I know that many times when I was struggling with problem behaviors in my pup and felt at the end of my rope, my trainer Lauren was there to help calm me and point me in a better direction!! Shelby was also of tremendous help to me, and is truly the expert on herding breeds! she will also help you to quickly get over your non-confrontational self when people want to approach your reactive dog! I could go on and on, but again I just want to say thank you to WDW for helping me to make my boy the happiest pup he can be! we are also looking forward to joining one of the Off Leash classes soon! If you are questioning whether to choose WDW, say yes! they are truly the best trainers in Wilmington!

Katelyn C.