Here at The Dog Wizard Upstate, there isn’t anything we could understand better than dogs and their owners and their relationships. There is also nothing owners, and dogs understand better than our top of the line training programs. All of our training programs are made to fit your unique situation with your pup, whether it be age-related, behavior-based, problem-specific, or history associated. Good behavior and obedience are not the only desired attributes that you aspire for with your pup. Still, they are essential in your fluff nuggets overall well-rounded attitude and happiness.  More freedoms are allowed to you and your dog with better behavior, this also means more fun adventures and a more fulfilling lifestyle for the whole family.  

Happy and confident dogs and owners are what we aim to achieve through teaching expectations within each household.  We adamantly believe that dogs have specific needs that are required to be met in order for them to feel balanced and at ease.  Dogs crave to learn, to be socialized, they desire a job in life, and they like to use their own unique instincts. If they aren’t provided an outlet in order to accomplish their personal goals and they are forced to and act like a human, the result is a dog that doesn’t act naturally and a dog that feels unhappy and unbalanced.  

It is our belief that all dogs are unique, and every owner faces their own set of hurdles.  We offer courtesy consultations to all our clients before establishing training programs so that goals can be set, and the perfect plan is selected for your unique life.  

Our trainers at The Dog Wizard offer you their passion, technique, and knowledge that help them understand the best options for you and your dog.  Once you and your dog have completed one of our free consultations with our trainers, we will be able to offer you your most suitable training method, pros, and cons to training techniques and help you select the one that is the perfect fit for you and your pup!