Stacy Browning Farrill

We got a German Shepherd puppy for Christmas and had no idea what a handful she would be. We were to the point that we dreaded having her out of her kennel because she was so jumpy and biting and nipping at us and we didn’t know where to start to train her. We wanted a dog that could be a loving family dog that we could trust to be around small kids and a dog that would listen to us. We found Reagan Williams and called her and she was able to come out the next day and help us with our puppy. We chose to work with Reagan and we signed up for the two week program. Reagan took her home and started immediately working with her. She sent us videos daily and gave us updates and pictures. We were amazed at how well she worked with our puppy and how much our puppy retained from her. When Reagan brought her back to us it was like a totally different dog. I can’t wait to start working with her and for her to become our family pet. We will definitely use Reagan in the future for any other training needs we have. I loved knowing that our puppy was in Reagan’s home and she worked with her like our puppy was hers. She took her places and socialized her around other dogs and it was a wonderful experience for our puppy and for us! Thank you a Reagan!!


March 7, 2018