Smith Family


The Dog Wizard is amazing. What our trainer did with my lab Murray in a week’s time is nothing short of a miracle. We were at our wits end with obedience training until we found The Dog Wizard. After a brief consult over the phone, the trainer came to our house to meet us and Murray in order to determine what corrective actions were needed and to game plan on how he could help. Five seconds after he arrived we instantly knew that The Dog Wizard was the solution. The trainer’s approach, demeanor and knowledge are remarkable. It is evident that he has a love for dogs like no one I have ever seen. He treated Murray like he was his own and loved him as we do. All I can say is that after one week with The Dog Wizard, Murray was a completely different dog. He would now come, sit and stay when commanded and we no longer had to water ski behind him when going for a walk. In fact, we no longer need a leash to walk Murray! The Dog Wizard continues to be available should we have questions or need a refresher and is always more than willing to help if needed. Best part of this whole experience is that not only did we gain a friend, but so did Murray.


March 6, 2018