Jessica Curtis

We contacted The Dog Wizard for a consultation, considering e-collar training our newest rescue dog whom we have had about 8 months. Our primary concern was to have him off-leash trained, he’s our little “crack dog” and can have selective hearing at times…

We were paired with Lance and he has been great from the get-go! Our consultation was easy and informative, and confirmed our desires for e-collar training. We bought our collar and the 5 private lessons.

Three lessons in and we took a week off to drive home to Georgia. We took our two dogs to the beach and Wylie did EXCELLENT! Perfect recall, and he had the best time running the beaches with his fur sister. I cannot express how exhilarating it was to have two perfectly behaved, off-leash dogs on a beach with many distractions from humans, food, and dogs playing (on and off leash). Many people were impressed seeing that our dogs were looking to us for directions and permission to greet people/dogs. We also had the opportunity to spread information and awareness about e-collar training and its positive uses!

Lance, The Dog Wizard, and e-collar training have been a huge game changer for us. We still have two sessions left to use and look forward to expanding our training to fun sports with Jesse down at The Dog Mall next!


March 7, 2018