Emily Armstrong Brooks

Trent worked with our shelter rescue, Rey. Rey had some significant issues that made her incapable of sharing our family space which is not what we wanted for our family or for Rey. She spent two weeks with Trent and I received daily updates with pictures and videos. I am so, so glad we did the training program. Rey is like a different dog. She knows how to please us now and it’s made her a happier dog and she has been living life with us since coming home—no more getting stuck outside or in the kennel. She of course has more work to do but we feel confident in how to help her progress. Trent clearly loves dogs and takes them everywhere with him. He is also very available for questions and concerns and made a special trip to our house to help me work through a behavior issue 24 hours after she came home. Trent understands that it’s not just the dogs that have to be trained-it’s the owners too! He also worked with my 6 year old daughter to help her feel safe and confident with Rey. I’d do this program again in a heartbeat!!!


February 22, 2019