Duke and Rocky

By far the best training and boarding experience I’ve had! The Dog Wizard is amazing and delivers everything you want and more. Their trainers have a passion for training and you can tell. I have two 200lb Boerboels that needed some good solid training. The Dog Wizard came to my home and gave me a free consultation, was professional, thorough, and made me feel very comfortable about leaving my babies with the trainer for 5 days of training, while showing me what and how he would attempt to train my dogs. I agreed to send them to him for 5 day training. While away, he would update me as needed and send pics and videos of there progression and made me and my family feel very secure that they were in good hands. When they came back, I was totally impressed with the results! The trainer then took his time to show me how and what to do and trained me. I now can take both of them together anywhere I want, and they are very in tune with my direction I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend The Dog Wizard to anyone who wants just a basic training or even dogs with any kind of behavior issues or whatever your need is. Highly recommend!


March 7, 2018