Prior to contacting Dog Wizard we had taught our dog Bruin some basic training commands but he really struggled with walking on a leash and listening when off-leash. We decided that for his own safety (and for him to have the freedom and fun that every dog deserves to have!) we needed to take his training to the next level. We signed up with Dog Wizard and the private lesson program. After just one lesson we saw a dramatic change in Bruin’s confidence level and his ability to focus. In between lessons, our trainer was very responsive and available to answer any questions/concerns/requests that we had. Bruin can now walk so well on a leash that our 12 year old daughter can easily walk him and he has been able to safely enjoy off leash walking though trails in the woods and parks. We have highly recommended Dog Wizard to all of our friends with dogs and we are truly grateful for all of The Dog Wizard’s hard work. We know now that we can safely enjoy our time with Bruin.


March 7, 2018