A wonderful thing happens when you bond with your canine companion, but when your best friend gets too clingy and anxious when you leave, it’s an unpleasant situation for you both. One of the most common issues dogs and their owners face, separation anxiety typically requires your pet to undergo professional dog training for resolution. If you need help with separation anxiety in dogs and you live in Sarasota County, Florida, or surrounding areas, The Dog Wizard can help with training problems that address your pet’s behavioral issues. Our dog trainers help boost your pet’s confidence levels so time apart is a stress-free experience for you both.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

When dogs feel insecure, they often act out and exhibit distressing dog behavior. This may include tearing up furniture or belongings while you’re at work, whining and barking when you leave and soiling carpets or flooring. While you’re at home, signs of separation anxiety in dogs include following you around the house, even when you’re just performing everyday tasks, or panting and pacing if you leave their sight. In severe cases of dog separation anxiety, your furry family member may even try to escape the safety of your home, risking loss or injury in the process. Fortunately, The Dog Wizard can help with home dog training for separation anxiety and other behavioral issues in Sarasota, Bradenton and North Port.

Dog separation anxiety training - anxious dog created a mess

Reasons Dogs May Feel Separation Anxiety

There are many reasons why your furry friend may be experiencing separation anxiety, and our dog trainers are proficient at addressing each one. Dogs may develop behavior problems when left alone too much or when their owners’ lifestyles abruptly change. Separation anxiety can also occur when dogs are removed from their mothers too soon, whether due to death of the mother or because they were weaned early by breeders. Also, when dogs move from spaces where they don’t get much attention into loving homes, they may get super-needy due to the attention they receive. Holding puppies too much can also foster dependence, requiring confidence-boosting dog training to get them used to being alone. Fortunately, our dog trainers have experience handling all these separation anxiety causes and can help your pet overcome behavioral issues with private lessons focusing on positive reinforcement.

Dog Training Options at The Dog Wizard

From Nokomis, Longboat Key and Osprey to Venice, Kensington Park and Englewood, The Dog Wizard helps dog owners with behavioral issues and provides obedience training. Along with help for separation anxiety, we also provide dog training services for a variety of problems, including dog aggression. Group dog training classes help socialize your dog so they enjoy being around other pets, while in-home classes address crate training and leash training as well as issues with dog obedience and behavior modification better left to one-on-one sessions. We also have puppy training programs to help your new family member better integrate into your home, and we offer daycare and boarding to help your dog feel less lonely while you’re at work or traveling for work or pleasure.

Sarasota County, Florida, residents in need of help with separation anxiety in dogs can count on help from The Dog Wizard. Whether you live in Bradenton, North Port, Sarasota or any of the surrounding areas, we provide private lessons and group classes to aid your canine companion in reaching its full potential.

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