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Whether you’ve decided to adopt a new furry friend from a shelter or you’re an experienced dog owner, it’s no secret that the training process can be challenging. Beginning a training program at home means working around a busy work schedule along with guests entering and exiting the house.

To help you achieve training success, The Dog Wizard of Oklahoma City now provides in-person dog training at our location in Midwest City, OK. Our team of experienced and patient trainers tackles commonly cited behavioral issues in order to support a healthy relationship between a dog and its human. See how quickly your pup improves when it works directly with a trainer in our state-of-the-art facility just outside Oklahoma City, OK.

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If you’re interested in beginning your dog’s training and enhancing the bond between you and your beloved pup, click the button below to complete a training evaluation, or call The Dog Wizard Oklahoma City, OK today at 405-510-0704.


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Dog Training Programs

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Obedience Training & Socialization

Every new student of The Dog Wizard of OK will be met with a quick review and talk with its owner to determine where the focus of training should be. Generally, a new puppy will begin basic obedience classes to learn commands such as sit, stay and come. Pet parents are encouraged to ask any training questions they may have. Our trainers will provide personalized answers and advice based on how the dog performed in training.

In order to deliver consistent results, The Dog Wizard hires only the best trainers in town to make each visit as effective as possible. We guarantee that every participant will receive a customized training regimen to deal with any concerns you may have. An example would be focusing on socializing a dog that has a poor relationship with people as this takes a specialized approach.

Online videos can’t provide the personalized socialization methods we use. It’s the job of The Dog Wizard to ensure every participant is safe and comfortable during socialization under the watch of our absolutely amazing staff.

Therapy Dog Lessons

The use of therapy dogs has increased substantially over the years. Now companies and businesses around the world are bringing in therapy animals to help boost company morale. A personal therapy dog links with its owner on a deeper level that requires both parties to learn how the other operates in high-pressure situations.

Benefits of Working with Professional Dog Trainers in Midwest City

Words can’t describe the feeling of seeing a new pet learning its first command or to not pull on a leash. These are just two examples of how behavior improves during classes. Proper behavior is even more important for pups training to become service animals, as well as those expected to be around children.

Along with obedience and leash lessons, your assigned trainer will move forward to relationship building between owners and their dogs. Choosing to train with an experienced team is a sign you’re committed to your furry companion.

Dog Training Midwest City

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A large number of new pet parents in OK are choosing The Dog Wizard for their training. Contact the team at (405) 510-0704 to hear more about our training and socialization services.

We have been sooo pleased with Dog Wizard! Our dog Barley has attended puppy classes and board/train. She has done so well. She’s only 6 months old and sat with us at dinner in public wonderfully. She listens to commands and is amazing!

Tricia H

My dog went from a bulldozing, pull your arm out if the socket when walking to just a stroll in the park walker. He’s learned “place” & other commands that are helpful when owning a dog

Cristy B

Great training program with knowledgeable staff! They understand that every dog is trained differently and will focus on what your dog needs. Helped my hyper Husky to focus which was awesome! Couldn’t ask for a better program.

Renee B