The proof is in the pudding when it comes to dog training. Anyone can claim anything, but achieving it is a different story. We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner (when the trainer is not there). And most importantly they work around distractions, aka “when you need them to work the most”. Because of this, we have thousands of testimonials to hang our dog wizard hat on.

Stacy E. AvatarStacy E.

Caring, professional , knowledgeable, patient. - 7/03/2021 

Jay F. AvatarJay F.

Great people and the training is effective! Training a dog is as much (or more) about training the owner, but even when we first get home after a session and before we have a chance to work with him, we can tell that significant progress was made. And they do a great job of pooping him out! - 6/18/2021 

Joanne C. AvatarJoanne C.

Steve and Aurelia are wonderful to work with and worked miracles with our feisty poodle. Once formal training is over, they are always available for questions and ready to give advice as needed. They also have group walks with other 'students' and it's a great time to get some added support and tips. It impresses me that they continue to be available to you and offer guidance no matter what! - 5/27/2021 

Brittany A. AvatarBrittany A.

My dog Maxwell has been doing the 14-day day train and we’re only 5 days in and there’s such a huge improvement in him already. We can manage him better both inside the house and outside already. We never used to be able to keep him outside if we were having a bonfire or doing anything else in our backyard because he was just unmanageable outside. The other day, we had a bonfire and he got to spend the entire time outside with us because I was actually able to handle him. And that’s a huge success for us, because I want to be able to include him in all of our family time! Steve and Aurelia have been great in helping me understand why he does what he does, and how to curb his behaviors and stop some of his certain behaviors before they happen. The structure that Maxwell and I have both learned has been life-changing already just for the fact that I’m able to include him in more of our family events. I’m so excited to see where he’ll be at the end of the 14 days, and I’m so glad I decided to invest in Maxwell’s life with The Medina Dog Wizard! - 5/20/2021 

Kathryn L. AvatarKathryn L.

Aurelia and Steve have been working with me and my dog, Gemma for the last couple months. Gemma did a two week board and train with them. At first I was hesitant for my dog to be away from home for that long, but Steve and Aurelia made me very comfortable and sent updates often. Gemma is much more calm and mentally stimulated now that I know the proper commands and exercises to do with her daily. Dog training is a continuous thing and I continue to put in the work with Steve and Aurelia to get Gemma over her dog aggression. They are committed to helping us and I really appreciate that. I know Gemma adores her trainers and had a good time at board and train because she is very excited to see them and gets excited when we go to the training facility. We also attend the pack walk every other weekend. It is awesome to have a way to continue the training in a safe environment with other Dog Wizard clients. I highly recommend The Dog Wizard Medina to anyone looking for training for their dog. - 5/13/2021 


We rescued our dog, Samantha, in early Spring. She was a sweet dog, however, she did have some bad behaviors such as counter surfing, jumping on people and not walking well on a leash. Steve and Aurelia came to our house to meet Sam and we decided together on a 2 week border training program. They sent us pictures and video's of her progress throughout the training which I really appreciated. After the 2 week period, they trained my husband and me at our home and at a pack walk at the park which they have every Saturday. Samantha is incredibly well behaved, listens to us and is such a pleasure to take on a walk. Steve and Aurelia are very knowledgeable, patient and professional. I highly recommend The Dog Wizard for both you and your dog. I look forward to meeting up with other dogs and their owners at the pack walks and Samantha loves to see her trainers!!! - 7/27/2020 

Dane D. AvatarDane D.

We added a male Cavapoo while on the lock down of 2020. We searched out to get him some basic training and couldn't be happier with the Medina Dog Wizard. Joey has responded well and I look forward to continuing his learning. Our interaction was manly with Steve, who really cares about your animal. A trained dog is a happy dog! - 7/27/2020 

Beth W. AvatarBeth W.

We needed help with structure/training for our rescue Quincy and they got it done. Quincy was very unpredictable, but now we better understand his thought process and what he needs to feel safe and secure. The follow up support was very good, and we board Quincy there when we go out of town. We never worry about his safety or how well he is being treated. Steve and Aurelia are caring people who have the dog's best interest at heart. - 6/27/2020 

Tracy R. AvatarTracy R.

We had spoiled our now 2 year old Cosmo, a bulldog-beagle mix. Sweet, smart and lovable, he had bad habits, jumping on visitors, taking things off of the counters to chew and barking at bigger fluffier dogs, in addition to wanting to pull at cars as we walked. We turned to Dog Wizard and really researched them. As a teacher I was very thorough. We did the 1 week stay and train. They sent us daily photos and videos.Now one month later (no regressing In training at all) we have a perfect dog. He sits and stays on command, has never jumped or taken from countertops again, yet remains our sweet lovable, sit on our lap and sleep in our bed dog we didn’t want to lose. I 100% respect their professionalism and kindness - they heard our needs and we love the results! - 5/27/2020 

Michelle A. AvatarMichelle A.

Steve & Aurelia are Wonderful trainers!! They listen to the individual needs for our dog & took the time to help us figure out a solution. They took the time to answer all our questions & helped us understand the exact training/homework we needed to do. I would Highly recommend them!!Thank you both for all your help & training! - 5/27/2020 

Valerie W. AvatarValerie W.

Aurelia and Steve have been a wonderful support team for me and my Cockapoo puppy, Remy! We did some basic training and they continue to stay in touch and work with us to fine tune his behavior. He is a delightful dog and still needs some reinforcement since his puppy craziness some times results in barking and rough play. The Wizards are amazing, patient, loving trainers and it is a pleasure to work with them. - 5/27/2020 

Frederick H. AvatarFrederick H.

They put our dog in his place. Love the way they handled our dog. Our dog made a new friend in Steve - 5/27/2020 

Nadine O. AvatarNadine O.

Kudos to Aurelia & Steve and The Dog Wizard program! We chose a board and train session for our 2 yr. old Great Dane who needed some help with leash walking and recall.While on vacation, we received updates via text, pictures and video. It made us comfortable seeing she was safe, well cared for, and treated like one of their own. Steve and Aurelia continue to check in on Delilah, work with her and with us!! It’s important as dog owners to do our homework and reinforce the training. Delilah is doing so much better that our walks are actually enjoyable. I love the fact that I can reach out to Steve and Aurelia and they always respond with an e-mail, text or even a drop-by. Now that’s service!! I highly recommend The Dog Wizard and the personal care Steve & Aurelia give to both dog and owner. - 5/27/2020 

Denny P. AvatarDenny P.

Steve & Aurelia are great trainers. I highly recommend them. Our dog was not good socially and with their heip and us doing our homework, Bentley has come a long way. Make sure you do your homework to re-enforce their training. From the first time they came to evaluate, we knew they were a great fit for our dog. - 5/27/2020 

Angela P. AvatarAngela P.

In early spring, had recently gotten a French Bulldog puppy named Gus and was looking for a trainer when I met Steve & Aurelia at a dog show in Hardesty Park, in Akron Ohio. Fast forward to July when I was going on vacation and decided to board & train Gus with them for 2 weeks. He was 4 months old at the time and the training he received was exceptional! I was not only impressed with what they accomplished with Gus, but also the constant communication I received from them while I was on vacation. They would send pictures, videos, and emails with his progress. I was so amazed at the level of care and understanding they gave to Gus and to me! They understood that leaving my 4 month old puppy with them was going to be hard, but their compassion allowed me to enjoy my vacation knowing he was in such great care. They are amazing dog trainers, but they are wonderful humans! They listen to what you want and always offer great suggestions. The continued follow up care is another great benefit. They welcomed Gus into their family and they will forever be part of ours! As a dog Mom, I meet many other dog Mom's and Dad’s who are so impressed with Gus, so I tell them all about my experience. They will always be Gus trainers! We love them! - 5/27/2020 

Andrew O. AvatarAndrew O.

We have hired the Dog Wizard for both of our puppies, and their training has been fantastic! They have learned many commands and are great at walking on a leash Our dogs are excited to leave with them each morning on the "doggie bus". We trust them with our dogs. - 5/27/2020