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Bringing a new dog home is a fun experience. While getting to know your puppy is important, you also need to ensure you’re doing the proper training with the dog so it knows what’s expected. The professional dog trainers at The Dog Wizard Medina are here to help ensure your training experience isn’t stressful for you or the dog.

Our program includes a variety of training techniques, including positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and problem prevention. By using all of these, our trainers can help you address any situation that occurs with the puppy.

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If you’re ready to enhance the bond between you and your beloved pup in the most practical way possible, click the button below to complete an evaluation, or call The Dog Wizard Medina, OH today at 330-461-9287.


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Dog Behavior Problems and Prevention

We help clients and their furry loved ones identify and overcome a variety of preventable behavioral issues.

What Support Do Pet Parents Receive from The Dog Wizard Medina?

Pet parents need to have appropriate support when they’re training their dogs. We understand that it isn’t easy to do alone. We work closely with the humans to ensure they understand what their dog needs, how to read dog behavior and how they can help the pet.

As the leader of the home, you need to show your dog that it must respect and trust you. This is done through daily activities like feeding the dog, walking it, and training it. As you do these things, the dog learns its place and has the confidence to be the best dog possible.

What’s Included in Dog Training in Medina, Ohio, with The Dog Wizard?

The Dog Wizard Medina has three distinct programs that dog owners can use to train their dogs. You can use all these options or choose from them to meet your needs.

Private training is one-on-one training for you and your dog. Our trainer works to find out your goals for the session and come up with solutions for you. We can address problem behaviors during this session, fine-tune obedience skills your dog already learned, or start working on new skills. 

Group classes are a chance for your dog to learn how to obey with distractions. This is important because things won’t always be quiet when your dog needs to listen. We work on basic obedience skills, such as place, come and sit. Our puppy class can also help you with things like potty training, object socialization, and other skills that help your dog.

Board and train is our most intensive training option. Your dog lives with us for 7, 14, or 21 days while we work on training in the daycare and kennel program. Once your dog is done with this program, you can shore up the lessons by participating in group or private lessons.

All dogs that complete one of our training programs are encouraged to come to our Support Group. This is a good time to meet other dog owners and give the dogs a chance to socialize. We also reinforce the skills the dog has already learned, such as “sit means sit.” We love seeing familiar faces at these classes.

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Whether you need advanced obedience or basic obedience training for your dog, The Dog Wizard Medina is ready to help your dog put its best paws forward. Give us a call at 330-461-9287 to find out more about the programs we offer and how our dog trainers can help you. We proudly serve members of the greater Media area, including Akron, Cleveland, Canton, and all of Northeast Ohio.

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Absolutely love Aurelia! She’s patient and so kind to my very nervous pup. Wonderful training! Thanks for the time and energy you’ve put into Bellatrix!
Jessica M.

We are thrilled with our 4-month-old puppy’s progress so far! He is doing great on his leash, has learned so many commands, and we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in nipping. The best part is him learning “watch me”- it’s so awesome to see a puppy pay attention to us like that. Thanks, Steve And Aurelia!

Kelli J.

They do such great work with our pup! She’s a large breed that needs constant reinforcement because she doesn’t realize her own size or strength. It’s so comforting to know she’s in the best hands possible getting the training she needs!

Teresa A.